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    Hear It From a Student - Nothing More Than Feelings

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    ND-USF 53.jpg I know how Brian Kelly feels.

    More than eight months of waiting after last season's Sun Bowl, I felt blow after blow during my first game in the student section. Fumbles, touchdown returns, interceptions, dropped passes, muffed punts, shanked punts, personal fouls, two stadium evacuations. It was frustrating; there's no other word for it.

    And that's coming from a student - a simple bystander who's indirectly (albeit, passionately) involved in the game. I can't imagine the magnitude of disappointment head coach Brian Kelly must have been feeling.

    In his press conference earlier today, he called Saturday "one of the most frustrating experiences that I've ever had as a head football coach." He prepared the team for this game, this season, facing the mounting pressure of a clamoring fan base and BCS expectations.

    In the clip that Greg Pollowitz posted on Sunday, did Kelly's angry tirade directed at T.J. Jones go over the top? Yes. Kelly even admitted today when he said "I'll have to do a better job of controlling my emotions."

    Was that display worthy of being fired as Pollowitz suggested? Not even close.

    Yelling can be an important motivational tool to increase players' focus and determination, but he doesn't want to appear out of control.

    Discipline is one of the most important characteristics a team needs to win, and that starts with the coach. When mistakes continue to mount in a close game and the frustration builds, coaches yell. It happens. But would Pollowitz and Notre Dame fans have been as frustrated with Kelly's outburst had Notre Dame won the game?

    I probably landed myself a deeper circle of Hades for all the profanities I screamed on Saturday. Calling for Kelly's resignation isn't the answer, though. It's working to manage that frustration and minimizing those mistakes so that, hopefully, there's a little less to scream about against Michigan.

    - Craig Chval ('15)

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    I agree with this young man that self-discipline begins with the Head Coach. This is far from the first tome that Kelly has flared out of control. It is an embarrassment, for him and the University.
    Equally enbarrassing;however, was the booing whcih I heard from large segments of the student section. That is inexcusable. This Our Team, Our Univesity, Our Notre Dame. Grow up, please.

    ND '67

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