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    Hear It From a Student - Let's Run With It

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    18.jpgI had almost forgotten what this feels like.

    I have become somewhat proficient at talking (or writing) the Notre Dame nation down from the ledge over the last three weeks. But now, here, in the glow of a win - a win we fought for and deserved, a win I knew we could take - it's like I'm just realizing what I've been hoping for. It's like I just realized how tall of an order it is.

    Brian Kelly and the team have been confident in their abilities not only in the preseason, but also in the weeks after the two losses. That confidence astounded me. How could they still be so sure after everything they had been through? The only logical explanation my mind could generate was that underneath the blunders, they really were a good team. They really could turn it around and produce wins.

    So they produced a win. The players went right up to the student section after the game for the alma mater - maybe 20 feet closer than they had been just two weeks prior. Their faces lit up as they took in their fellow students, and I knew that is how it should be.

    But that is how it should be all the time. The tall order I've been demanding over the past few weeks isn't just a win. It isn't even a win against a ranked team. It's that we must keep winning. Now it isn't about finding a way to win - it's about finding a way to be winners.

    The football players believed in themselves when the rest of the world doubted. I know I have read more negative press about Notre Dame in the past few weeks than I ever have in my life. Through all of that, the team remained sure.

    And now as students, as fans, as Notre Dame, it is our turn to believe. As student-athletes, they feel our energy. They know when our support is half-hearted, and I'm telling you, use your whole heart. Take what they've given us and push for more.

    Let's take this win and run with it.

    - Lauren Chval ('13)

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