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    Hear It From a Student - Ride the Wave

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    It wasn't a pretty win - in fact, I would go so far as to say it was an ugly one.

    Brian Kelly's new catchphrase - "we're learning" - could not be more accurate. At this point, with two consecutive wins, we seem to have hit the point in the curve where we are learning just fast enough to produce wins. I'd certainly rather win ugly than lose pretty (let's not think about Michigan).

    Saturday was the first game of the season I didn't watch in person. It is somewhat agonizing to watch everything on replay over and over again, and I now understand why my dad always used to mute the commentary about halfway through the first quarter when I was a kid. I can't say that I am thrilled that next weekend is another away game.

    It is unfair that we are not able to ride the wave of our first win. If the Pitt game had been at home, I imagine the student section would have been invigorated by our defeat of Michigan State last weekend - we would have been louder, rowdier, caught up in our own excitement. The players would have felt that excitement.

    Instead, we were all pent up in our dorm rooms, watching by peeking out from in between our fingers, thinking, "Oh, please, just let us have this one." Let us be 2-2 when we go up against Purdue. Let us be 3-2 when our boys run through the student section for warm-ups again.

    It would have been nice to ride a wave after the win against Michigan State. But it would seem that Notre Dame football is teaching us patience and faith. Be patient and have faith that the wave will build over three weeks so that when it is back here, we will be beyond ready. Let the momentum carry us through Purdue and Air Force all the way to USC.

    By then, let it not be relief we feel at a win, but ecstasy.

    - Lauren Chval ('13)

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    Oh, please, please think about Michigan. I can assure you we all are! 3 in a row, and 5 of the last 6!!! Go Blue!

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