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    Hear It From a Student - Talkin' Baseball

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    As I trudged up the stairs to the third floor of Dillon Hall at 4:30 in the morning on Sept. 11, I wearily recounted the agony of the previous 24 hours: the three-hour drive to Ann Arbor, the game-that-must-not-be-named, the two-hour wait after the game, and the drive back. I could only imagine the gloom that would cover the campus when I awoke eight hours later.

    I was not disappointed. I discovered that my trashcan saw its end when a friend watching the game kicked it too hard. I was incapable of doing any work and found myself growing angry with anyone who appeared too happy.

    Notre Dame, to many degrees, revolves around football. Essentially, every student attends home games and almost all crowd around televisions to watch the team on the road. The NFL dominates attention on Sundays and Mondays, as football at times takes precedence over finishing papers.

    But yesterday, that all changed. For a few short hours last night, everything was about baseball.

    Screams echoed across the halls cursing Robert Andino, Jonathan Papelbon and Evan Longoria. The despair of some was only matched by a Fighting Irish loss.

    I found myself in a bizarre universe in which Red Sox fans desperately cheered in vain for the success of the Yankees. Yankee fans watched with glee as their team blew a seven-run lead. The Braves completed a monumental meltdown with three walks in the ninth.

    As a Chicago sports fan, though, I feel that Boston's pain is dwarfed in comparison to what we (Chicago fans) have gone through. Boston's four major franchises have seven championships in the past 10 years. Despite his four interceptions last week, the Patriots still have Tom Brady, and the Red Sox still have two titles since 2004.

    I've seen two championships since Jordan last won when I was five years old (the White Sox in 2005 and the Blackhawks in 2010). I've lived through Rex Grossman, Vinny Del Negro, Cristobal Huet and Adam Dunn. If I was a Cubs fan, that list might be a lot longer.

    But as divisive as last night's wild endings played out, the break between Red Sox, Rays, Braves and Cardinals comes to an end every fall Saturday. Although baseball reigned supreme last night, it cannot remotely compare to a Notre Dame football game day. I would trade every one of the Bulls' 1990s titles for one Irish national championship in a heartbeat.

    At the end of the day, Notre Dame trumps all, and there's a broken trashcan on the third floor of Dillon to prove it.

    - Craig Chval ('15)

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