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    Hear It From a Student - That Moment

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    5633086.jpeg It's just a game. There are more important things than football. There are more important things at Notre Dame than football.

    That is a cop out. If we had won on Saturday in one of the most riveting displays of college athletics that I have ever seen, no one would be saying, "It's just a game."

    Last weekend granted me two ultimate moments.

    In the moment of our final touchdown, I can honestly say I don't think I have ever felt such pure, unadulterated joy. It was a moment in so bright and blindly ecstatic that I have trouble remembering it perfectly. It is a blur of screaming and love.

    I don't have to tell you what came afterward. I don't have to tell you how we felt as we hiked up through the crowds of Michigan fans with our hoods up. You know. Everyone who calls themselves Irish knows.

    The second ultimate moment of the weekend was not in the depression afterward. I did not find it in our 45 minutes of complete silence after the game. The disbelief and rage that we talked through in the car ride home was overwhelming, but my second moment came Sunday.

    The Mass held for the 10th anniversary of September 11 was somber and completely removed from the world of football. While we walked as a student body to the Grotto bearing candles, I couldn't help but think, "This is the single most beautiful thing I have ever seen."

    In a weekend completely saturated with sadness, Notre Dame granted me perfect joy and beauty. There is nowhere else I would rather be.

    I know there is certainly a feeling of dread as this weekend approaches. How much more can we take?

    But I will forever hold on to that moment in Michigan Stadium as we all jumped around wildly, hugging each other as tightly as we could in the chaos. No matter what we say in our anger and despair in the face of failure, we will never stop hoping.

    That moment is too great. That joy is too great.

    - Lauren Chval ('13)

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    Not a Good Football Team! Not Focused for 60 Minutes. Mental Mistakes and Turnovers. You can't make this Stuff Up!!!

    You deserve better football.

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