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    IMG_1536.JPG This summer I had an internship at Deloitte in the international tax group. I was luckily given the opportunity to get the internship in the Atlanta office, so I was home all summer. I had an amazing time working for Deloitte, and I have been fortunate enough to receive (and have already signed) my offer for a full-time position after graduation.

    The experience I had at Deloitte this summer was far better than I could have ever expected. Before I got there, I didn't know if I would be prepared to work in the accounting world, and I didn't think I knew enough to actually be good at anything I could possibly be asked to do.

    Because I had all these thoughts going through my head, I was really nervous for my first day. I had to quickly get over it though because when I walked in on my first day out of training, I was handed a stack of files and a job assignment. I couldn't believe it at first, but after I got over the shock of being given so much so soon, I got right on it.

    I did a lot of tax compliance work this summer. I helped update company work-papers, put files together, print off a LOT of things for other people, made copies, and did some tax research. I realized that I knew a lot more than I thought, and I actually transitioned really well. I learned so much from an accounting standpoint, and also from a technical standpoint. My skills in using Microsoft Excel and other tax systems got better throughout the summer, and I'm confident that it will all help me out as I finish school and start as a new hire next fall.

    I learned what it's like to work hard for 8+ hours a day, and how important it is to stand out. What I found to be most comforting was that the skills I have gained from playing basketball at Notre Dame, were the same skills I was expected to have while working for Deloitte. I took advantage of the fact that I'm used to performing in pressure situations and also just how hard I work in the classroom and on the court. It really is amazing how much those skills translate over into what is needed to be successful in the business world.

    Throughout the summer, I felt like I was doing all the right things and showing that I would be a good fit at Deloitte. I found out on the second-to-last day of my internship that everyone I worked with thought the same thing. I had lunch with the partner of the group I worked for and he informed me that I did a great job this summer and that they were offering me a full-time position next fall.

    It really felt like being recruited for basketball all over again. It was such a relief to hear him say that I had the job offer. I was so excited that I signed the offer letter and gave it back to them before I even left the office that day. I remember how I felt when Coach McGraw told me she was offering me a scholarship, and the feeling was pretty much the same.

    Although I have to still maintain a high GPA and take full class loads this semester and next semester, it is a relief to know that I have a job in place for after graduation.

    I know that not many people my age are fortunate enough to have a job lined up after graduation and I am so thankful for this opportunity. I am truly blessed and I am looking forward to finishing out my senior year at Notre Dame strong and moving on to the next chapter of my life. I really missed my girls this summer, and I'm so glad to be back with them. I'm beyond excited about the season and what I think this team is capable of doing.

    And now with "get a job" checked off my list, I'm ready to get to work for the season!

    - Fraderica Miller ('12)

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