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    Hear It From a Student - Not Enough

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    5709825.jpeg"Four in a row is not enough for this group."

    Brian Kelly is right. Four in a row is not enough. He was talking about the players when he said "this group" but he could have meant the whole school. Four in a row is not enough for the student section or the alumni or the Notre Dame nation. It is certainly not enough for me.

    There has been a lot of talk of momentum lately. We've piled a win upon a win for four weeks now, and we're pushing all of that energy and excitement right into ... a bye week. And then we come right back and play USC.

    USC is the ultimate measuring stick of how far this team has come. Right now, they're looking pretty good. The players are exciting, seizing opportunities and finally starting to click as a real, functioning machine. But USC brings pressure (the mental kind) our team has not truly felt since Michigan. And then we will see.

    I'm scared again, you know? My hopes are back up, my enthusiasm is in full force, and I don't want to take any more heartbreak. That momentum has kept my team and me going. What if it leaves us right as we need it?

    But then Kelly said something else that made me think this team really is changing.

    "Momentum is necessary when there isn't a lot of wind in the sails. When you have confidence and ability, momentum is not a necessary part. Momentum then becomes a turnover in the first series and turning that into a touchdown. That's momentum within the game."

    Momentum within the game. These players are now capable of generating their own success. They are that good. They have shown it, and I have seen it. Their growth this season is a matter of mental toughness, and as long as they keep that, I know they will be ready.

    So I'm going to let my hopes stay out there on the ledge. And my classmates will create momentum right down into the USC end zone.

    - Lauren Chval ('13)

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