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    Hear It From a Student - Victory Talk

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    5691838.jpegThat's the kind of game I have been expecting to see.

    The expectations I had in August were built over almost a year of waiting. The turnaround last season that resulted in a bowl victory, the recruiting victories, the hype surrounding Brian Kelly - all of that festered in me over the summer. I was desperate for the smell of autumn that would mean the start of football season. Those hopes best explain the heartbreak I felt in our first and second games, because during all that, I wanted my team to play like they played this week.

    Less than half a minute into Saturday's game at Purdue, everyone was screaming and jumping and high-fiving. Michael Floyd, Jonas Gray, and Cierre Wood all stepped onto the field and showed the world how the Irish should have been playing all season.

    Sure, there were still blips. Not everything has been polished and perfected. But that learning curve everyone keeps talking about seems to be shooting up, and it makes me excited for Notre Dame football again.

    As that Notre Dame excitement blew up my Twitter feed last night, my absolute favorite was this: "I'm not saying, I'm just saying. If Notre Dame were a great football team it would look an awful lot like this."

    And so it would.

    But as this potential for greatness dawned on us at the end of Saturday's game, someone said, "We should be 5-0." In that moment, all the air was let out of the room.

    We could be. Maybe we should be. I can't explain how badly I wish we were. It is currently the dark thought that pervades our rising enthusiasm.

    What I have to keep reminding myself is this: it is easy to talk about what could have or should have been. What is not so easy is pulling yourself from that. There was a time after the Michigan game where it seemed possible that, gasp, we were due in for another season a la 2007. But our classmates turned things around and kept that from happening. They have accomplished the hard part.

    Now it is a matter of remaining strong in the circumstances at hand. Would it have been exhilarating to play this whole season like we played Saturday? Yes.

    Will it still be exhilarating to play the rest of the season like we played Saturday?


    - Lauren Chval ('13)

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