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5749184.jpegMusic was pumped through the speakers of Notre Dame Stadium for the first time ever last Saturday during a prime-time matchup against USC. Here's the lowdown on the first few minutes of the tune-spinner's gameday experience ...

I kept looking at the game clock.

Five minutes turned into three minutes which quickly turned into seconds ... five, four, three, then two. Finally the clock hit zero. I stared at the Notre Dame bench with more focus than I had ever done so during my previous games in Notre Dame Stadium. As my finger hovered over the mouse, I waited for the team to break the huddle on the home sideline.

The crowd was loud - louder than I have heard in my two seasons with Notre Dame.

Finally, special teams coach Mike Elston sent the receiving unit on to the field to prepare for kickoff.

Through my headset, I heard the word that I had been impatiently waiting for ..."GO!"

My cursor, which had been hovering over "I'm Shipping Up To Boston" for what seemed like eternity, was finally clicked.

My heart stopped for a second as I heard music playing over the speakers for the 80,795 fans inside Notre Dame Stadium for the first time ... ever. The crowd erupted with the exact reaction we had been hoping for all week. Pure spirit. Pure adrenaline. Pure noise.

I quickly moved my cursor over to the stop button as I followed each step that the USC place kicker made as he prepared for the opening kickoff. He began his march to the ball. Everything seemed to be going to slow motion. When he finally was about five yards out, I stopped the music and it slowly faded from the speakers.

For the first time in what seemed like a lifetime, I sat back in my chair and breathed. I grab my water bottle and then realized just how nervous I was. My hand, as well as the bottle in it, was now shaking at a rate that I had never experienced before. I quickly put the bottle down and try to compose myself as I prepared for my next cue.

The USC offense got the ball and it was back to my job. During USC's second-down play, I moved the cursor over to "Crazy Train" and prepared myself to click it the moment I got the cue on third down.

I quickly heard "GO!" in my headset and clicked.


This time I focused on the quarterback. I watched as Matt Barkley ran over to the sideline, got the play and slowly returned to his huddle. USC huddled for what seemed like forever. Finally, the huddle broke and Barkley prepared to go under center.

"Alright, stop!" I heard over my headset and faded out the track.

I breathed. I was quickly becoming very comfortable with my new gameday position.

I've just etched myself in Between the Buns' trivia night lore.

"When was the first in-game music played through the speakers of Notre Dame Stadium?"

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So can you tell us why we heard "Crazy Train" 25 times instead of something else?

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