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Since being released from his box outside the Hammes Bookstore a few seasons ago, Gnomer Dame (known by his friends simply as "Gnomer") has spent his days glad-handing with Notre Dame fans and catching up with Irish celebrities.

The lack of opposable hands makes it hard for Gnomer (@GnomerDame) to travel alone, so his handlers ensure he makes it to his fair share of games each season.

Before, during and after each game, Gnomer stops to take pictures with adoring fans and later uploads all his pictures to his Facebook account for all to see.

We caught up with Gnomer (and his handlers) to ask a few questions ...

How did you become interested in following the Notre Dame football program?
"I was hatched in the gardens on campus, so I don't know how I can't be a fan of all things Notre Dame."

What is your favorite movie?
"I once saw this moving picture show entitled 'Wizard of Oz.' I really wasn't very impressed (with the movie) until I heard the main character, Dorothy, repeatedly saying 'There's no place like gnome, there's no place like gnome.' At that point I knew that movie would be a classic. As far as I know, it is."

What is a football gameday like for you?
"Gameday for me is like a big family reunion. I like going around and seeing as many friends as I can. I can tailgate like a champion. I also like to observe as many of the gameday campus traditions as I can without wearing out my handlers; my favorite traditions are the players walk to the stadium, the midnight drummers circle and seeing what type of flowers are planted along the sidelines in the stadium."

How well do you and your handlers get along?
"I appreciate everything my handlers do for me. Even though we live Ohio, they help me get to as many games as possible and when we get on campus they take me around campus to see the sights and take pictures. Otherwise, with these short legs it would take a bit longer to get from place to place. For that, I thank them."

What is your gnome family known (or gnown) for?
"This is actually a funny story. My grandfather, Gnick, had a guardian by the name of John Hughes who was a screenplay writer in New York. Hughes was working on a film about a kid who gets left in his room as his family goes on vacation. The film was set for release, yet he couldn't figure out a good title. That's when grandpa spoke up and said (as a joke), 'What about Gnome Alone?' Hughes heard it differently, and the 'Home Alone' title was born. From my family to your family, you're welcome.

Favorite place on campus?
"If I was passing out Olympic medals to certain places on campus, I would have to give Notre Dame Stadium the gold, the Hammes Bookstore (where I was adopted) the silver and the Grotto the bronze medal."

What do you do for a living?
"I am currently working on my dissertation through the University of Alaska-Fairbanks just outside of my parents' home in Nome, Alaska. My paper is looking at the human G-gnome project, a study looking at the interaction of gnomes and their human counterparts. To supplement my small income I work part-time in the nursery at the local Gnome Depot."

Why did you start your own Facebook page?
"I joined Facebook in order to stay in touch with all the friends that I made while going to Notre Dame games. Along the way I have made many friends; from players, to cheerleaders to students and fans alike. My goal is to be friends with anyone and everyone that is a Fighting Irish fan."

What is your favorite joke?
"What city has the largest rodent population? Hamsterdam of course! Isn't that Punny! What? Did you think I would forget to use a pun?"

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Great Piece!! My wife and I were laughing out loud at this.

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  • Frank Lardy: Great Piece!! My wife and I were laughing out loud at this. read more

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