Live Blog: Irish, Wolverines Clash at Compton

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10:02 pm, 3-0 Notre Dame (Final): It's official. This one's in the books. Notre Dame bounces back after a tough weekend against Western Michigan with a nice 3-1 victory over the rival Michigan Wolverines. I will be covering the Irish men's basketball team as they seek to knock off #1 Syracuse, but it should be another exciting one at CFIA tomorrow night. Check out the video above for a look at the students' reaction to Maday's empty-netter in the closing seconds and tune in to Real Country 99.9 FM or CBS Sports Network at 7:35 pm ET tomorrow as the Irish go for the sweep.

10:00 pm: Lots of chances for Michigan down in Notre Dame's zone, but the puck gets knocked down to the other end, and Billy Maday puts in an empty-netter to seal the victory and send Compton into a frenzy!

9:55 pm: Nice save from Irish goalie Steven Summerhays to preserve the lead. 1:41 remaining in the game.

9:53 pm: Avicii's "Levels" gets the students going with 3:15 to play. Leprechaun Mike George is right in the middle of the whiteout student section, just one row in front of "Greenman."

9:50 pm: Jeff Costello with a great opportunity to make it 3-1 Irish, but Hunwick makes a nice save for Michigan with just over four minutes to play.

9:45 pm: Just 7:21 left here and Notre Dame still has a 2-1 lead. Also leading in shots on goal, 30-27. Mike Collins announces a sell-out crowd of 5,022, which ticket-wise, it may have been, but there are a few empty seats. I've got to believe the storm and the opportunity to watch the game on NBC Sports Network from the comfort of home, kept some fans from coming tonight.

9:42 pm: Nice job by the Irish to kill Michigan's power play and return to full strength. Less than 11 minutes to play...

9:34 pm: With 15:30 remaining, the Wolverines get a power play goal from Greg Pateryn, and suddenly it's a one-score game. Of course, it wouldn't be Notre Dame vs. Michigan if it didn't come down to the wire.

9:32 pm: Notre Dame with the puck in the Michigan zone, but seconds later, Mike Voran is whistled for tripping and now it's Michigan on the power play.

9:28 pm: And we're off...the final period is underway and the Irish control the puck.

9:12 pm, 2-0 Notre Dame (End 2nd): The Irish still hold a 2-0 advantage over the Wolverines, but we should probably expect nothing less than an exciting final period at Compton. Michigan has had its share of opportunities, outshooting Notre Dame 18-14 in the second. We'll see if the physicality picks back up again. After 11 penalties in the first period, there was just one in second.

9:06 pm: Finally spotted...a Notre Dame student dressed as "Greenman" from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame. I knew it was a matter of time before seeing this. Pretty sure there is at least one at every hockey game, college and professional. See if you can find him below:


9:01 pm: Great moment at CFIA, as two military veterans, including one from World War II, are recognized by announcer Mike Collins. Crowd gives them a standing ovation, and Toby's tune, one of the most patriotic of all country songs, comes back on the Compton speakers.

8:57 pm: Heard a few words from Toby Keith's "Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue" over the Compton speakers, but it was quickly skipped for some AC/DC.

8:54 pm: Irish with a couple of great opportunities, but unable to capitalize...before Sean Lorenz connects on a rebound to give the Irish a 2-0 lead. Like Calabrese earlier in the evening, it's Lorenz's third goal of the season. Tynan picks up his second assist of the night. Calabrese also earns an assist on the play.

8:46 pm: Looked like ND snuck a goal in for a 2-0 lead, but the whistle had already blown after a save from Michigan's Shawn Hunwick.

8:44 pm: With 14:28 remaining in the second, Irish still hold a 1-0 advantage over the Wolverines. Notre Dame also leads in shots on goal, 13-10.

8:35 pm: Just about time for the second period. T.I.'s "Bring 'Em Out" welcomes the Irish back to the ice. Ah, high school.

8:26 pm: Nice use of the video board to show one of the recent "What Would You Fight For?" commercials that the university produces. This one, on concussions, is especially relevant to hockey. Check it out here.

8:20 pm, 1-0 Notre Dame (End 1st): The first period ends with three Wolverines in the penalty box. As expected, we've got a physical game here at CFIA. Don't expect that to change in the final two periods.

8:15 pm: And if that wasn't enough, here we go again... No additional penalties, but some more quarreling. It's safe to say this isn't a friendly rivalry.

8:14 pm: It's cold outside, but things are heating up in CFIA. Some extracurricular activity, and we now have three players in the penalty boxes. Two for Michigan and one for ND.

8:07 pm: After a short review, the officiating crew confirms it! Sam Calabrese gives Notre Dame a 1-0 lead with 4:21 remaining in the 1st. The assist goes to T.J. Tynan and it's Calabrese's third goal of the season.

8:02 pm: One of the big differences with hockey, as opposed to Notre Dame's other main spectator sports, basketball and football, is how close the students are to the action. Being right against the glass, it's as if they're right there with the team on the ice. Irish with a big hit into the boards down by the student section to get the crowd going.

7:56 pm: Just over nine minutes remaining in the 1st period. Still scoreless here at CFIA. This is my first game here, and only second time in the building. Though I have no basis of comparison, it truly is an incredible venue and I've got to believe it's one of, if not the best in college hockey.

7:49 pm: Five minutes in, and each team has had a power play, but neither has capitalized on the advantage. Irish lead in shots on goal, 4-2, and will have another power play coming up.

7:36 pm: Collins introduces the Irish starting lineup. Similar to basketball, our players are introduced not only with their hometowns, but also their residence halls. I've always enjoyed this because dorms are such a significant part of life at Notre Dame and a student's experience at this university can be defined by what hall he or she ends up living in.

It's pretty crazy, considering students are randomly assigned as if they're first-years at Hogwarts (Though I've got to believe more strategy goes into it, for both the Sorting Hat and our Office of Residence Life & Housing).

7:35 pm: Now playing on the videoboard:

7:34 pm: Mike Collins welcomes fans to CFIA. His voice will always remind me of Notre Dame Stadium... 231 days until the home opener....

7:32 pm: Dim the lights...we're almost ready to go.

7:22 pm: The Michigan-Notre Dame football series is one of the greatest in all of college sports. Though football season is 224 days away (but who's counting?), Irish fans get a double dose of the rivalry this weekend - on the ice at Compton Family Ice Arena. With several inches of snow expected over the next couple of days, it's a whiteout in South Bend. But the whiteout is also here at CFIA. With students handing out shirts at the entrance, the sold-out crowd will be also be decked out in one color. The puck is set to drop in less than 15 minutes and we should be in for a good one here.

Stay tuned to UNDerground for more throughout the game, and if you're in the warmth of your home, check out the game on NBC Sports Network (the old Versus for those of you still catching up).

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