Zamboni Riders feat. Jerry Tillery and Matthias Farley

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Notre Dame football players Jerry Tillery and Matthias Farley were the guest zamboni riders at the hockey game vs. UMass this past Saturday. The two quickly learned that an entire intermission is a long time to be on a zamboni with an arena full of fans staring at you. 

Luckily, the guys were pretty entertaining. Check out their moves.

1. Whip (but don't Nae Nae)

Matthias Whip.gif

2. Raise the Roof (2).gif

3. The Sprinkler

Matthias Sprinker 2.gif

4. Fist Pump and Salute

Jerry Fist Pump:Salute.gif

5. Saturday Night Fever

Matthias Disco 2.gif

6. The Power Point

The Power Point.gif

7. Rub Your Stomach/Pat Your Head

Rub your stomach.gif

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