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What You Love About Notre Dame

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tunneltour.jpg - The reaction to what you love about Notre Dame has been strong, to say the least. Poems, love letters and all other sorts of crazy answers have come my way. And while there (thankfully) haven't been any feelings as strong as those of Al from Dadeville, you guys certainly embody the word "fanatic."

Onto to the love letters ...

John from Chicago writes: I love Notre Dame because blue and gold has been running through my ancestor's veins for more than 80 years. Being a fourth generation graduate of Notre Dame, I will do everything in my power to make sure my sons Knute and Ara have the same opportunities as were provided by my parents; to enjoy the fine education and loving family known as The University of Notre Dame. Yes Matt, you did read that correctly: I have two boys named Knute and Ara.

Shem from Twin Cities, Minn., writes: Great Question- I love Notre Dame because I grew up 30 minutes south of the campus. Going to the games in the fall with the leaves changing and the smell of bonfires. Sitting on those hard wooden benches cheering for N.D. With night taking over and the team willing themselves to win. The crowd jublient with a great play & heart broken in defeat. My family had season tickets for 30 years

Rich from Chicago writes: I love Notre Dame for the subway alumni, the fact that my grandmother when she was alive would try to watch the games and figure out who would hit the next home run (clueless but cute), the morals and virtue of the place, Touchdown Jesus, First Down Moses, the 100% graduation rate for athletes, the fact that people love or hate ND there is no middle ground. I love Notre Dame for the alumni network which recognizes the fact that when you graduate from ND you are part of the Notre Dame family, not a secular directional family limited to a certain geography but a family which transcends "college" and is more about "life". God, Country, Notre Dame! Go Irish!

Patrick from Bentonville, Ark., writes: I love Notre Dame because it brings me and my father closer. I look forward to traveling to South Bend every year with him to watch the Irish play. There's not much we have in common, but we can always talk Notre Dame football.

CO from Pa., writes: Oh Notre Dame, how I love thee so/Thy golden dome glistens like the sun on the snow/I only wish to see you win big one more time,for if you do that everything would be fine/I know that others have said we don't matter anymore,but they're just jealous of our tradition and lore/So we have faith in Brian Kelly, who's face is so red when our QB makes mistakes running the spread/Hail Notre Dame, our lady, our mother,because honestly I could love no other.Go Irish!

Mark from Burleson, Texas, writes: Notre Dame how I love thee, let me count the ways: I love thee for the excitement you give me every Saturday during the fall/I love thee for being the standard of excellence in college football/I love thee for the greatest fight song in all the land/I love thee for all your traditions, which truly are grand/I love thee for touchdown Jesus and all you great players/I love thee for the Basilica and hearing our prayers/I love thee for all the great coaches, symbols of success/I love thee for how your athletes never cease to impress/I love thee for your Golden Dome so pristine and bright/I love thee for Rockne who said "fight, fight, fight"/I love thee for all the Heismans, lined up side by side/I love thee for 'waking the echoes' and endless pride/I love thee for the championships, while wishing for more/I love thee always, no matter the final score/I love thee for not wavering from the goal you have set/I love thee for all the great memories and vow never to forget.

Brian from Minneapolis writes: I have been a fan through thick and thin/No one holds my heart as much as Brady Quinn/With all the championships it's hard to fight/Notre Dame is really tight/Heisman trophies line the halls/Tim Brown, Lujack I love them all/Rockne, Holtz, Parsegian, Leahy, and Devine/Coaches made this University very fine/Oh I love Notre Dame all the time/Skylar Diggins will you be my valentine??

George from Rochester, Mich., writes: I have loved Notre Dame for the better part of my life. I am 16 years old, live in rochester, michigan. None of my family has ever gone to Notre Dame, so I'm not really sure why I like them so much. I watch every football game every sunday, and when I can basketball for both men and women. My whole room is a mancave dedicated to Notre Dame memorablia, and I always sport irish clothing at least 3 times a week to school. I may not have the skills/smarts to get into ND, but one things for sure I will always support them good through bad. I want to be part of their traditions, I want to walk on that beautiful campus of theirs, I want to be part of notre dame. I know "Rudy" probably won't happen again, but if it ever does, that person will be me. God, Country, Notre Dame.

Phil from Beaver Falls, Pa., writes: I love Notre Dame as much as I love my girlfriend. There is no other team that love more than them. Having be from Steeler country it is hard to explain to people that I love them more than the Steelers. Don't get me wrong the Steelers are great, but college football is so much more emotional! The Steelers could lose 5 games and still make the playoffs, and possibly the Super Bowl. You can't say the same in college football. The first time I ever went to Notre Dame and I got to my seat I cried. I cried because this is a place I see every week and would imagine one day I would be in the bleachers. when that day came it was surreal. Matt, unless you're an ND fan you wouldn't understand. However I really don't expect to be on the blog, but I figured I would just express how much Notre Dame means to me.

Jacques from Boston writes: What do I love about Notre Dame? Not everything. I don't love that some people hate it. I don't love that some people, even some who sincerely love it, don't understand it. I don't love that some people don't even know where it is. But what I know, and love, is that Notre Dame matters; it's divisive, that is, people either hate it or love it. Whether the football team is good or not isn't relevant to its relevancy. I love that it's a mystery that's hard to understand, that it challenges you to try comprehending what it's about. Truthfully, I don't worry too much about who doesn't know where it is, because those to whom it matters will always know the way back and inevitably find that road home. Simply put, it becomes a part of you, a part of your family, something for which many would take a broken nose or black eye. Its campus is poetry, its tradition is tangible. More than anything, its identity is unshakable, and that identity is the hardest of all to understand much less put into words. So, my love letter to Notre Dame is really Notre Dame as a letter to everyone else, because, you see, once you glimpse what Notre Dame is really about, you've caught a flash of a deeper love than something related to sports; once you've seen it, you've seen what love can really mean.

Josh from Columbus, Ohio, writes: Oh, where to start.....i have not missed a game since I was 9 years old, Im now 27. I have missed numerous baseball games (both as a player and coach) because they interferred with Irish football. My wife cannot understand how i can put a sport ahead of all us, Isimply explain to her that I do not miss ND football for anything, that was proved during Sun Bowl with Miami when I chose to forgo dinner with her and the in laws because they couldnt wait until the game was over. I have taken off work or called in sick if I was scheduled to work during a game. The topper may be that during the 06 ND vs MSU game, the cops were called on my celebration of Lamberts INT. I love ND football so much, that for 13 weeks a year, my wife knows to check what time the game is before even mentioning anything to me.

- Matt Fortuna

McCarthy Excited for Chiefs Chance

| No Comments | No TrackBacks - As a member of the Denver Broncos last season, Mooney High graduate Kyle McCarthy was inevitably asked two questions.

How's Denver?

What's Tim Tebow like?

First question first.

"It was a crazy year," said McCarthy, who spoke by phone last week after signing with the Kansas City Chiefs. "A lot of ups and downs. It was obviously nice to get into the playoffs with the Broncos and win the AFC West.

"But my time there for now is finished and I'm just looking forward to the new opportunity in Kansas City. I learned a lot over the past two years in Denver and it's something I can take with me to another place and help me grow as a player."

And the second question?

"He's a great guy -- what you see on TV is what you get," McCarthy said of Tebow, whose success became arguably the NFL's biggest story last season. "It [the hype] was like something I never experienced.

"It was media attention on a whole new scale. Anything and everything that happened would be on TV within hours and it was pretty cool to see."

McCarthy, 25, signed with Denver as an undrafted free agent out of Notre Dame in 2010. He appeared in 12 games over the past two seasons, splitting time between the active roster and the practice squad.

A safety, he played in four of Denver's final five games last fall but was released just before the wild-card round. He had three tackles last season and four as a rookie.

A handful of teams showed interest in McCarthy after the season. He chose Kansas City because he liked head coach Romeo Crennel and his defensive system.

Crennel, the former Browns head coach, served as K.C.'s interim head coach for the final three games after Todd Haley was fired. Crennel was promoted to permanent head coach after the season.

"His track record speaks for itself; he's been one of the best defensive coaches in the NFL for a long time," McCarthy said of Crennel. "I've only met him one time but he made a good impression on me. He told me the best guys are going to play, the ones who can contribute to the success of the team."

McCarthy has no ties to Kansas City or its coaches, which he calls "exciting."

"I look at it as a new opportunity, a chance to make a new impression on the coaches," he said.

He hopes to spend a full season on the team's active roster and break into the starting lineup.

"That's everyone's goal in this league," he said. "It's something I believe will happen. If I didn't believe it would happen, I wouldn't waste my time or anyone else's time."

McCarthy spent last week in Youngstown before heading out to Los Angeles to train for the 2012 season.

When asked to compare the two cities, he chuckled and said. "It's completely 180 degrees different. I could never see myself living in L.A. and I could definitely see myself living in Youngstown, if that says anything."

- Joe Scalzo

Domer Dens

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We've all heard the stories or seen the photos - ultimate Notre Dame fans who have collected dozens, if not hundreds of hats, shirts, helmets, jerseys, footballs, posters, pennants and other memorabilia - entire rooms dedicated to a passion for the Fighting Irish.

Today, and Fighting Irish Digital Media bring one of those rooms to life, launching the first episode in a new series - "Domer Dens." This pilot feature takes you inside the home of Dick Wilson, a South Bend resident, and a lifelong fan whose basement holds a collection of incredibly interesting Notre Dame artifacts.

With a pair of original wall lockers, shoes signed by Gerry Faust, a blackboard from the locker room, bricks from the old stadium and a jacket worn by Ara Parseghian, among many other items, Wilson's basement might seem more like a Notre Dame museum than a fan's home.

- Josh Flynt ('11)

Justin Tuck, Brick Strong

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Not that you needed another reason to like the former Irish DE #44, but check out this recent ESPN feature as Rachel Nichols examines the friendship between the Giants defensive end (Notre Dame '05) and a young fan who died following a battle with leukemia.

Following Flynt - McCarthy to Sign With Chiefs

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Former Irish safety Kyle McCarthy ('09) announced this morning via Twitter than he will be signing with the Kansas City Chiefs. The Youngstown, Ohio native has spent the past two seasons with the Denver Broncos, along with fellow Notre Dame graduates David Bruton ('09) and Brady Quinn ('07).

While at Notre Dame, McCarthy started all 25 games during his senior and fifth-year seasons. During his final season with the Irish, he led the team in tackles (101) and interceptions (five).

Screen shot 2012-02-10 at 1.47.50 PM.png

Judging by McCarthy's Twitter background and profile picture, the future Kansas City Chief's heart, like that of so many other alums, will always be with Notre Dame.

- Josh Flynt ('11)

Coach Kelly Announces Staff Updates

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Head coach Brian Kelly met with members of the media this morning to announce updates to his football coaching staff for the 2012 season. Here's a complete look at the staff:

Bob Diaco - Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers
Kerry Cooks - Co-Defensive Coordinator/Cornerbacks
Chuck Martin - Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks
Tony Alford - Running Backs and Slot Wide Receivers/Recruiting Coordinator
Scott Booker - Tight Ends/Special Teams Coordinator
Mike Denbrock - Outside Wide Receivers/Passing Game Coordinator
Bob Elliott - Safeties
Mike Elston - Defensive Line
Harry Hiestand - Offensive Line/Running Game Coordinator
Josh Reardon - Graduate Assistant for Defense
Pat Welsh - Graduate Assistant for Offense
Bill Brechin - Intern for Offense
David Grimes - Intern for Defense

As announced in January, Harry Hiestand and Bob Elliott are the newest faces on the Notre Dame coaching staff. Hiestand arrives from Tennessee, while Elliott spent the past two seasons coaching at Iowa State.

After two years as an intern with the Irish football program, Scott Booker was promoted to a full-time assistant coach position in early January.

Graduate assistants Josh Reardon and Pat Welsh join the Irish from Holy Cross (Mass.) and Grand Valley State, respectively.

Bill Brechin returns for his third season with the offensive coaching staff, while David Grimes ('09), who worked as an intern for player development during the 2011 season, will assist the defensive staff in 2012. Grimes was a wide receiver for the Fighting Irish from 2005-08, and served as tri-captain (along with David Bruton and Maurice Crum Jr.) during his senior season.

Check back to later in the day for a full release as well as video from this morning's press conference.

- Josh Flynt ('11)

Training for the Tour de France?

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"Notre Dame sacking Michigan"
Photo Credit: AP

Eli Manning took home MVP honors in the New York Giants' Super Bowl XLVI victory over the New England Patriots, but former Notre Dame defensive end Justin Tuck ('05) was the subject of much post-game publicity, and rightfully so.

The Kellyton, Ala. native had an impact on the game from the first defensive snap, pressuring Tom Brady in the end zone and forcing him to throw the ball away. The ensuing intentional grounding penalty resulted in a safety and gave the Giants an early 2-0 lead.

Tuck also sacked Brady twice, including an important play on the game's final possession that forced the Patriots to convert a 4th-and-16, just to keep their slim hopes alive.

Hundreds, if not thousands of fans tweeted that Tuck should earn MVP honors, and although the Giants' quarterback was ultimately awarded the recognition, the defensive end's impact on the game did not go unnoticed.

Here's a look at some of the coverage surrounding the Giants' defensive captain and former Irish standout:

"Tucking is the new Tebowing"

This weekend at the Loftus Sports Center, the Notre Dame track & field team will host the 25th annual Meyo Invitational. The Meyo Invitational is known around the country as one of the premier track meets of the indoor season, and this year is no exception.

The meet kicks off today with the long jump at 4 pm, before the 60m hurdlers hit the track at 5 pm. Other highlights from tonight's competition include the 5,000m, distance medley relay, men's pole vault and women's high jump.

The action resumes at 10 am on Saturday morning, beginning with the 3,000m run. The women's triple jump is the first field event for Day 2, and it is scheduled to begin at 11 am.

There will be countless exciting races throughout the weekend, but the meet's biggest draws are a pair of distance events on Saturday afternoon - the Meyo Mile and the Ryan Shay men's 3,000m run.

If you can only make it to a couple of events, these are the two to watch, as each attracts some of the nation's best collegiate distance runners. Head on over to Loftus right after the conclusion of the men's basketball game against Marquette to catch the mile at 3 pm, and stick around for the 3,000m at 4:25 pm.

Three Notre Dame runners - J.P. Malette, Jeremy Rae and Jordan Carlson - highlight the field in the men's Meyo event, which also includes competitors from Arkansas, Iowa, Windsor (ON), Butler, Tulsa, Michigan State and Kent State.

The women's race features Notre Dame's Alexa Aragon and Kelly Curran, as well as 13 other runners from schools across the Midwest.

The four-minute mile was once thought to be an unattainable mark, until 1954, when England's Roger Bannister became the first to break the barrier. While the sub-four minute mile is not held on the same pedestal that it once was, it is nevertheless, an outstanding accomplishment for any runner and for running fans, there are few things more exciting than seeing a sub-four mile in person.

If past history is any indication, don't be surprised to see one or more runners achieve this feat on Saturday.

One of the most memorable races in recent history came in 2003, when Notre Dame's Luke Watson won the Meyo Mile in a school-record time of 3:57.83. Watson's victory highlighted an event in which the top five runners all finished under four minutes.

Two years later, four runners broke the four-minute mark, including two Notre Dame athletes, sophomore Kurt Benninger, and Watson, running as an unattached competitor.

At last year's meet, Rae, then a sophomore, won the Meyo Mile in 3:59.62. Michigan's Kevin Sullivan holds the meet record, an impressive 3:55.90 mark set in 1995.

Ten years after Sullivan's record-breaking performance, Lindsey Gallo, also a Michigan Wolverine, ran a 4:37.97 in the women's Meyo Mile.

The other main event is named in honor of 2001 Notre Dame graduate Ryan Shay, who tragically passed away in 2007 following a massive heart attack while running the U.S. Olympic marathon trials in New York City.

Shay is the most decorated athlete in Notre Dame track & field history. In addition to his 2001 NCAA title in the 10,000m, Shay was a nine-time All-American and nine-time BIG EAST champion.

Last year, Terefe Ejigu of Eastern Michigan won the 3,000m race (equivalent to 1.86 miles) in 8:08.58. The junior will look to defend his title on Saturday at 4:25 pm against 24 other runners, including Notre Dame's Joe Miller and Kelly Lynch.

Of course, there will be no shortage of excitement in the various sprint events either, and those events may be even more compelling if you are also a Notre Dame football fan.

After competing in last weekend's Indiana Relays, sophomore Bennett Jackson and freshmen Josh Atkinson and George Atkinson III will each make their first home appearance on the track squad. Jackson will run in heat 6 of the 60m hurdles, which begin at approximately 5:25 pm this evening.

All three will compete in the 60m dash at 6:10 pm today. Josh Atkinson is set for heat 1, while his brother George will be in heat 3. Jackson is scheduled for heat 6.

The Atkinson brothers will also hit the track tomorrow at 2:05 pm for the 200m dash. Look for Josh in section 6 and George in section 8.

To fans of traditional team sports, track & field might not seem like the most exciting spectator activity. However, the Meyo Invitational attracts some of the sport's best talent from around the country, and I can promise you that if you are in the South Bend area this weekend, the trip to Loftus Center will be well worth it.

- Josh Flynt ('11)

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