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    Notre Dame Boathouse (Rowing)

    Notre Dame Boathouse
    Notre Dame Boathouse

    The Notre Dame rowing team, which is the newest varsity program on campus, features several facilities to help Fighting Irish head coach Martin Stone build the team into a contender on the national scene.

    The boathouse, located on the scenic St. Joseph River in downtown South Bend and just one and one-half miles from Notre Dame's campus, has been the home of Fighting Irish rowing since 1984. The boathouse provides storage for the team's shells and equipment, including six eight-person boats, four four-person boats and eight pair/doubles boats. All shells are also equipped with Neilson-Kellerman Speed Coach Computers, as well as cox-box amplification systems in the fours and eights.

    The Fighting Irish also have extensive use during the winter months of the on-campus Loftus Center, which features 55 ergometers and a new, state-of-the-art locker room.

    Directions to Notre Dame Boathouse on the St. Joseph River From Notre Dame's Main Circle proceed south on Notre Dame Avenue. Cross Angela Avenue and continue south. At Sorin Street, take a right and then a quick left, continuing on Notre Dame Avenue, which will dead end into Northside Boulevard. Turn left onto Northside Boulevard, then take an immediate slight right down to the parking lot along the river.

    Please consult the interactive campus map (http://map.nd.edu) to find the locations of the Boathouse on St. Joseph's Lake (where the first two weeks of freshman practice occurs) and the Loftus Center (where ergometer training occurs).

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