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    Notre Dame Golf Course (M Cross Country, W Cross Country)

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    Notre Dame Golf Course

    Located on the Southwest corner of campus, the Notre Dame Golf Course serves as the Notre Dame men's and women's cross country team's home facility for its meets. Since the building of the Warren Golf Course, and the expansion of the dormitory facilities on campus, the originally 18-hole course was trimmed down to its current nine-hole course layout. The course, which was opened in 1929, still features nine holes that are open to the public. A map, found on www.und.com/sports/c-xc, shows the five-kilometer course for women, as well as the five-mile course for men. The course hosts two traditional meets, the National Catholic Championship and the Notre Dame Invitational.

    The National Catholic Invitational has been run every year since 1980 on the men's side and since 1984 on the women's side. It welcomes in teams from prominent Catholic institutions from around the country. The meet was conceived by former Irish men's cross country head coach Joe Piane.

    The Notre Dame Invitational has been run every year since 1956 for the men and 1987 for the women. It welcomes in most of the elite teams from around the country in one of the last big meets before conference championships. In 2013, there were 16 ranked opponents between the two elite races. The meet is one of the nation's oldest and largest intercollegiate cross country meets. The Invitational was started by former Irish head coach Alex Wilson in 1956 and regularly features runners from approximately 60 schools around the country.

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