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    Great Players
     The Notre Dame Heismans 56k  225k
     The Pass 56k  225k
     The Returns 56k  225k
     The Receivers 56k  225k
     The Rushers 56k  225k
     The Defense 56k  225k
     1924: The Four Horsemen 56k  225k
     1975: Thanks Heavens! 56k  225k
     1978: The Ferguson Show 56k  225k
     1979: Comeback Kid 56k  225k
     1986: Mr. Everything 56k  225k
     1989: Blast Off 56k  225k
     Allen Pinkett 56k  225k
     Ralph Guglielmi 56k  225k
    Great Coaches
     Knute Rockne 56k  225k
     Frank Leahy 56k  225k
     Ara Parseghian 56k  225k
     Lou Holtz 56k  225k
    Great Traditions
     Fight Song 56k  225k
     The Band 56k  225k
     The Cheerleaders 56k  225k
     When We Won 56k  225k
     1812 Overture 56k  225k
     Intimidation: Notre Dame Style 56k  225k
     Leprechaun 56k  225k
     Game Day in South Bend 56k  225k
     Friday Night Pep Rally 56k  225k
     Friday Night Paint Party 56k  225k
    Great Games
     1920: One For The Gipp 56k  225k
     1935: Game Of The Century 56k  225k
     1953: The "Fainting Irish" 56k  225k
     1957: Streak Stoppers 56k  225k
     1966: Top Of The Season 56k  225k
     1966: The Tie 56k  225k
     1975: Purdue Shutout 56k  225k
     1977: The Green Machine 56k  225k
     1978: Champs Again 56k  225k
     1986: Kicking The Trojans 56k  225k
     1988: Yards Over Miami 56k  225k
     1989: The Title Game 56k  225k
     1992: Heads Up 56k  225k
     1992: Swamp The Gators 56k  225k
     1993: Top-Ranked Matchup 56k  225k
     Notre Dame's Greatest Victories:
        The Bowl Games 56k  225k
    Great History
     Here Come the Irish 56k  225k
     1887: The Michigan Affair 56k  225k
     1902: Wake Up The Echoes 56k  225k
     1947: The Golden Years 56k  225k
     1988: All Time Champs 56k  225k
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