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    Athletic Media Relations - Interview Policies
    University of Notre Dame Athletics
    Athletic Media Relations Office
    Room 112 Joyce Center
    Notre Dame, IN 46556
    Phone: (574) 631-7516 | Fax: (574) 631-7941

    Game Day Interviews - Post-game interviews at Notre Dame Stadium are held in an auditorium outside the rear entrance of the Irish Locker room. Both head coaches appear in the interview room following the game. Audio and video from those interviews is piped live into the press box for media on deadline. Television and radio crews can receive audio through a mixer in the auditorium. All Notre Dame player interviews will also take place in the auditorium once the coaches are finished. Please turn in all requests for players and coaches' interviews by the eight-minute mark of the fourth quarter to Brian Hardin, who is sitting in the fourth row. Transcripts from both head coaches press conferences will be available approximately 60 minutes following the conclusion of their post-game comments. Typed post-game quotes from players of both teams also are available in the press box following the game.

    Mid-Week Interviews - Interviews with Notre Dame players and coaches will only take place on Tuesday through Thursday during the week. All interviews should be arranged through the Notre Dame Athletic Media Relations office by calling Brian Hardin (574-631-9471). A reminder: Media members are not permitted to contact players in their dormitory rooms at any time, and players are off-limits to media on Sundays, Mondays and Fridays.

    A schedule of player and coach availability will be produced by the Athletic Media Relations office each Sunday during the football season.

    Coach Brian Kelly conducts a weekly teleconference-style press conference each Tuesday at Noon Eastern time at the Guglielmino Athletics Complex for the benefit of both local and out-of-town media. The 45-minute weekly conference is distributed via satellite and also includes five minutes of video highlights from the previous week's game.

    Interview Transcriptions - Transcriptions of the Tuesday teleconference with Brian Kelly as well as the player teleconference are available through the Internet at www.und.com.

    Men's Basketball:
    Press Row Services - Programs, media guides and flip cards will be available prior to the start of each game. Complete box scores and play-by-play sheets will be distributed to the media at halftime and at the end of the game. A bank of statistics monitors also is located on press row and will continually be updated throughout the game.

    Interviews - Post-game interviews are coordinated by the Notre Dame Athletic Media Relations Department and will include both coaches in an interview room on the west side of the Joyce Center. Notre Dame players are available in the locker room following a 10-minute cooling off period.

    Interviews during the week with Irish head coach Mike Brey and any players should be arranged through the Notre Dame Media Relations Office. Please contact either Bernadette Cafarelli (cafarelli.1@nd.edu) or Sean Carroll (carroll.64@nd.edu). Generally, interviews are conducted before practice.

    Coach Brey conducts teleconference-style press conferences for the benefit of both local and out-of-town media two to three days prior to each game. Please contact Bernadette Cafarelli at (574) 631-7516 regarding the teleconference schedule for Brey during the 2012-13 season.

    Women's Basketball:
    Press Row Services - Programs, media guides and flip cards will be available prior to the start of each game. Complete box scores and play-by-play sheets will be distributed to the media at halftime and at the end of the game. In addition, a light meal will be provided to all media members in the Monogram Room (upper concourse above Gate 6) beginning 75 minutes prior to tipoff.

    Post-Game Press Conferences - Notre Dame head coach Muffet McGraw and players, along with the visiting head coach and players, will be available to the media following a 10-minute "cooling-off" period. Press conferences will be held in the Hammes Auditorium, located adjacent to Gate 1 on the first floor of the arena. Media members should submit player requests for post-game interviews to Chris Masters no later than the four-minute mark of the second half.

    In-Season Interview Policy - All requests for Notre Dame player or coach interviews must be made through Chris Masters, Associate Athletic Media Relations Director, at (574) 631-8032. Please provide at least 24 hours notice for all interview requests and be aware that the student-athlete's academic obligations will always take precedence. Interviews may also be done in person following practice. Since practice times vary, please contact Chris Masters for an updated schedule. On game days, no interviews will be granted prior to competition, except those mandated by broadcast media.

    All Other Sports:
    For interviews and information, contact the Athletic Media Relations Office at (574) 631-7516. Requests to interview student-athletes should be made at least 24 hours in advance.

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