• Meeting: 84th
  • First Meeting: 1927
  • Series Record:
    Notre Dame leads, 71-11-1
  • Last Year: Navy won 23-21
Year-by-Year Results
Overall: ND leads 71-11-1; Home: ND leads 26-5-0; Away: 0-0-0; Neutral: ND leads 45-6-1
Notes: Recaps for the last 15 games are available by clicking on the year. Ranks column lists Notre Dame's AP ranking at the time of the game followed by Navy's AP ranking at the time of the game (since AP poll debuted in 1936).
Municipal Stadium (Baltimore)1927W196
Soldier Field (Chicago)1928W7 0
Municipal Stadium (Baltimore)1929W147
Notre Dame Stadium1930W262
Municipal Stadium (Baltimore)1931W200
Municipal Stadium (Cleveland) 1932W12 0
Municipal Stadium (Baltimore)1933L 07
Municipal Stadium (Cleveland) 1934L610
Municipal Stadium (Baltimore)1935W140
Municipal Stadium (Baltimore)193613- L03
Notre Dame Stadium1937 W97
Municipal Stadium (Baltimore)1938 4- W150
Municipal Stadium (Cleveland) 1939 2-W147
Municipal Stadium (Baltimore)19407- W137
Municipal Stadium (Baltimore)19417-6 W2013
Municipal Stadium (Cleveland) 19424- W90
Municipal Stadium (Cleveland) 19431-3W336
Municipal Stadium (Baltimore)1944 2-6L13 32
Municipal Stadium (Cleveland) 19452-3 T 6 6
Municipal Stadium (Baltimore)19462-W28 0
Municipal Stadium (Cleveland) 19471- W 27 0
Municipal Stadium (Baltimore)1948 2-W41 7
Babe Ruth Stadium (Baltimore)1949 1- W40 0
Municipal Stadium (Cleveland) 1950W 1910
Babe Ruth Stadium (Baltimore)195113- W 19 0
Municipal Stadium (Cleveland) 195213- W176
Notre Dame Stadium1953 1-20 W38 7
Memorial Stadium (Baltimore)19546-15W6 0
Notre Dame Stadium1955 9-4W21 7
Memorial Stadium (Baltimore)1956L 7 33
Notre Dame Stadium1957 5-16L 6 20
Memorial Stadium (Baltimore)1958-15W40 20
Notre Dame Stadium1959 W25 22
Municipal Stadium (Philadelphia) 1960-4L7 14
Notre Dame Stadium1961L 1013
Municipal Stadium (Philadelphia) 1962W20 12
Notre Dame Stadium1963-4L 14 35
JFK Stadium (Philadelphia) 19642- W400
Notre Dame Stadium19654- W293
JFK Stadium (Philadelphia) 19661- W 317
Notre Dame Stadium1967 10- W43 14
JFK Stadium (Philadelphia) 196812- W45 14
Notre Dame Stadium196910- W 470
JFK Stadium (Philadelphia) 1970 3- W56 7
Notre Dame Stadium1971 12- W21 0
Veterans Stadium (Philadelphia) 1972 12- W 4223
Notre Dame Stadium19735- W44 7
Veterans Stadium (Philadelphia)1974 7- W14 6
Notre Dame Stadium197515- W3110
Municipal Stadium (Cleveland) 197611-W2721
Notre Dame Stadium19775- W43 10
Municipal Stadium (Cleveland) 197815-11W277
Notre Dame Stadium197913-W140
Giants Stadium (East Rutherford, N.J.) 19803- W330
Notre Dame Stadium1981W350
Giants Stadium (East Rutherford, N.J.) 1982W 2710
Notre Dame Stadium198319-W2812
Giants Stadium (East Rutherford, N.J.) 1984W1817
Notre Dame Stadium1985W4117
Memorial Stadium (Baltimore)1986W3314
Notre Dame Stadium19879-W5613
Memorial Stadium (Baltimore)19882-W227
Notre Dame Stadium19891-W410
Giants Stadium (East Rutherford, N.J.)19902- W5231
Notre Dame Stadium19915-W380
Giants Stadium (East Rutherford, N.J.)199210-W38 7
Veterans Stadium (Philadelphia)19932-W5827
Notre Dame Stadium1994W5821
Notre Dame Stadium19958-W3517
Croke Park (Dublin, Ireland)199619-W5427
Notre Dame Stadium1997W2117
Jack Kent Cooke Stadium (Raljon, Md.)199812-W300
Notre Dame Stadium1999W2824
Citrus Bowl (Orlando)200020-W4514
Notre Dame Stadium2001W3416
Ravens Stadium (Baltimore)20029-W3023
Notre Dame Stadium2003W2724
Giants Stadium (East Rutherford, N.J.)2004W279
Notre Dame Stadium20057-W4221
M&T Bank Stadium (Baltimore)200611-W3814
Notre Dame Stadium2007L (3ot)4446
M&T Bank Stadium (Baltimore)2008W2721
Notre Dame Stadium2009L2123