• Meeting: 82nd
  • First Meeting: 1926
  • Series Record:
    Notre Dame leads, 42-34-5
  • Last Year: USC won 34-27
Year-by-Year Results
Overall: ND leads 42-34-5; Home: ND leads 23-13-1; Away: USC leads 21-17-4; Neutral: ND leads 2-0-0
Notes: Recaps for the last 15 games are available by clicking on the year. Ranks column lists Notre Dame's AP ranking at the time of the game followed by USC's AP ranking at the time of the game (since AP poll debuted in 1936).
Memorial Coliseum1926W1312
Soldier Field (Chicago)1927W76
Memorial Coliseum1928L1427
Soldier Field (Chicago)1929W1312
Memorial Coliseum1930W270
Notre Dame Stadium1931L1416
Memorial Coliseum1932L013
Notre Dame Stadium1933L019
Memorial Coliseum1934W140
Notre Dame Stadium1935W2013
Memorial Coliseum19369- T 1313
Notre Dame Stadium19379-W136
Memorial Coliseum19381-8L013
Notre Dame Stadium19397-4L1220
Memorial Coliseum1940W106
Notre Dame Stadium19414- W2018
Memorial Coliseum19428-14W130
Notre Dame Stadium19462-16W266
Memorial Coliseum19471-3W387
Memorial Coliseum19482-T1414
Notre Dame Stadium19491-17W320
Memorial Coliseum1950L79
Memorial Coliseum1951-20W1912
Notre Dame Stadium1952 7-2W90
Memorial Coliseum19532-20W4814
Notre Dame Stadium19544-17W2317
Memorial Coliseum19555-L2042
Memorial Coliseum1956-17L2028
Notre Dame Stadium195712- W4012
Memorial Coliseum195818- W2013
Notre Dame Stadium1959-7W166
Memorial Coliseum1960W170
Notre Dame Stadium19618- W300
Memorial Coliseum1962-1L025
Notre Dame Stadium1963-7W1714
Memorial Coliseum19641- L1720
Notre Dame Stadium19657-4W287
Memorial Coliseum19661-10W510
Notre Dame Stadium19675-1L724
Memorial Coliseum19689-2T2121
Notre Dame Stadium196911-3T 1414
Memorial Coliseum19704- L28 38
Notre Dame Stadium19716- L1428
Memorial Coliseum197210-1L2345
Notre Dame Stadium19738-6W2314
Memorial Coliseum19745-6L2455
Notre Dame Stadium1975 14-3L1724
Memorial Coliseum197613-3 L1317
Notre Dame Stadium197711-5W4919
Memorial Coliseum1978 8-3L2527
Notre Dame Stadium19799-4L 2342
Memorial Coliseum1980 2-17L320
Notre Dame Stadium1981-5L 714
Memorial Coliseum1982-17L 1317
Notre Dame Stadium1983W276
Memorial Coliseum1984-14W197
Notre Dame Stadium1985W 373
Memorial Coliseum1986 -17W 3837
Notre Dame Stadium198710- W2615
Memorial Coliseum19881-2W2710
Notre Dame Stadium19891-9W2824
Memorial Coliseum19907-18W106
Notre Dame Stadium19915-W2420
Memorial Coliseum19925-19W3123
Notre Dame Stadium19932-W3113
Memorial Coliseum1994-17T1717
Notre Dame Stadium199517-5W3810
Memorial Coliseum199610-L (ot)2027
Notre Dame Stadium1997L1720
Memorial Coliseum19989-L010
Notre Dame Stadium1999W2524
Memorial Coliseum200011-W3821
Notre Dame Stadium2001W2716
Memorial Coliseum20027-6L1344
Notre Dame Stadium2003-5L1445
Memorial Coliseum2004-1L1041
Notre Dame Stadium20059-1L3134
Memorial Coliseum20066-3L2444
Notre Dame Stadium2007-13L038
Memorial Coliseum2008-5L338
Notre Dame Stadium200925-6L2734