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    March 13, 1998

    Notre Dame Qualifies Maximum 10 Fencers for NCAA Championships

    NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- Notre Dame's men and women's fencing team is one of the three schools to qualify 10 fenders for the NCAA championships which will be held at the Angela Athletic Facility at Saint Mary's College March 19-22. Schools can qualify no more than two fencers in each of the five weapons contested, men's epee, women's epee, men's foil, women's foil and men's sabre. Three-time defending champion Penn State and St. John's are the other two school to qualify 10 fencers to the NCAA championships.

    The championship will consist of 24 fencers in each of the five weapons for a total of 120 fencers. A school's finish in the championship will be based on points earned by each individual. A team will be awarded one point for each victory by its fencers during the competition in which each fencer has 23 bouts against the rest of the field. Thirty schools will be represented with at least one fencer in the championships.

    Notre Dame sophomore Magda Krol will look to defend the 1997 NCAA women's epee title she won as a freshman. She will headline the women's epee field after posting a 41-5 record and claiming her second straight Midwest women's epee championship. Junior Nicole Mustilli will make her first appearance in the NCAA championship for the Irish after compiling a 57-11 record in '98 and placing second at the Midwest fencing championships.

    Two-time NCAA women's foilist runner-up and two-time All-American Sara Walsh will lead the Irish in women's foil. The Mishawaka, Ind., native, advanced to the finals in each of the last two years and finished the season with a 45-4 record. Teammate and fellow Mishawaka, Ind., native, Myriah Brown will join Walsh in the women's foil field. Brown, also a two-time All-American with a 49-4 '98 record, finished sixth in 1996 as a freshman and fifth in 1997 as a sophomore.

    On the men's side, junior two-time All-American Luke LaValle and freshman Andrej Bednarski will fence in the men's sabre competition for the Irish. LaValle, 32-3 in '98, placed fifth and fourth at the NCAA championships in each of the last two years while Bednarski, a Granger, Ind., native, with a 43-9 record, finished second to LaValle at the Midwest fencing championships.

    A pair of seniors, Carl Jackson and Brian Stone, will fence in the men's epee competition. Jackson, 28-8 this year, will be making his third appearance in the NCAA championships with his best result being a sixth-place finish as a freshman in 1995. Stone placed 13th a year ago at the NCAA championships in his first appearance and enters the championship on a roll after winning the Midwest epee championship and ending the regular season with a 32-9 record.

    Junior Stephane Auriol and senior John Tejada round out Notre Dame's fencing entrants as the two men's foilists. A native of Elkhart, Ind., Auriol won the Midwest foil championship and finished with a 35-12 record this season. He will be making his second appearance in the NCAA championships after placing 16th a year ago. Tejada went 35-13 this year and has qualified for his first NCAA championship appearance.

    1998 NCAA Fencing Championship Participants

    Women's Foil
    Zoe Hawes   Air Force
    Susan Jennings  Columbia-Barnard
    Erinn Smart Columbia-Barnard
    Emily DeVilla   NYU 
    Angela Hai  NYU 
    Myriah Brown    Notre Dame      
    Sara Walsh  Notre Dame
    Yelena Kalkina  Ohio State
    Patricia Szelle Ohio State  
    Jagna Gromulska Pennsylvania
    Margo Katz  Pennsylvania
    Carla Esteva    Penn State
    Claire Jackson  Penn State
    Orsi Szotyovy   Princeton
    Christina Orrico    Rutgers
    Karen Moroney   St. John's
    Karla Romanek   St. John's
    Monique de Bruin    Stanford
    Felicia Zimmermann  Stanford
    Marissa Barnes-Hopkins  Temple
    Jaime Beecher   Temple
    Agata Wysiadecka    Wayne State
    Hannah Appel    Yale
    Kate Zuckerman  Yale
    Women's Epee
    Janet Wertz UC San Diego
    Melinda Mellman Columbia-Barnard
    Nancy Allen Cornell
    Catie Webb  Fairleigh Dickinson
    Christy Beckert NYU
    Nancy Martin    NYU
    Melanie Byrd    North Carolina
    Michelle Schaffner  Northwestern
    Magda Krol  Notre Dame
    Nicole Mustilli Notre Dame
    Kari Coley  Pennsylvania
    Alexandra Korfanty  Penn State
    Charlotte Walker    Penn State
    Matilda Acerra  Princeton
    Kristina Hurme  Princeton
    Laura Cunningham    Rutgers
    Nicole Dygert   St. John's
    Raven Johnson   St. John's
    Jessica Lisagor Stanford
    Nelia Mann  Stanford
    Gina DeTeso Temple
    Marta Sciubisz  Wayne State
    Whitney Anderson    Yale
    Sharon Katz Yale
    Men's Epee
    Ryan Moon   Air Force
    Aaron Waxler    Brandeis
    Jesse Carlson   Cal- State Fullerton
    Elie Gurarie    Case Western Reserve
    Noah Zucker Columbia
    Mike Gattnar    Harvard
    Andrew Prihodko Harvard
    Matt Coates MIT
    Abe Berman  NYU
    Josh Leslie NYU
    Carl Jackson    Notre Dame
    Brian Stone Notre Dame
    Geoff Kane  Ohio State
    Charles Hamann  Pennsylvania
    John Wright Pennsylvania
    Brendan Baby    Penn State
    Tom Peng    Penn State
    Marco Acerra    Princeton
    Jason Burrell   Princeton
    John Gringeri   Rutgers
    George Hentea   St. John's
    Alex Roythblat  St. John's
    Tom Hunt    Stanford
    Eric Tribbett   Stanford
    Men's Sabre
    James Steiner   Air Force
    Luke Mountain   Boston College
    Tim Morehouse   Brandeis
    Jon Taqqu   Brown
    Paolo Roselli   Cleveland State
    Chaun Shaahid   Cleveland State 
    Patrick Durkin  Columbia
    Mark Bara   Detroit
    Lee Scheffler   Harvard
    Paul Palestis   NYU
    Andrzej Bednarski   Notre Dame
    Luke LaValle    Notre Dame
    Michael Golia   Pennsylvania
    Aaron Steuwe    Penn State
    Michael Takagi  Penn State
    Graham Brooks   Princeton
    Maxim Pekarev   Princeton
    Jeffrey Colella Rutgers
    John Johnson    Rutgers
    Walter Procek   St. John's
    Keeth Smart St. John's
    Sasha Zucker    Stanford
    Mitsu Sudo  Yale
    Taka Sudo   Yale
    Men's Foil
    Colin Clinton   Brandeis
    Brian Sirlin    Brandeis
    Ted Padgitt UC San Diego
    Monty Tuominen  Cleveland State
    Jed Dupree  Columbia
    Dan Kellner Columbia
    Robert Manchen  Duke
    Brian Osserman  Harvard
    Jeff Peyton Lawrence
    Richard Menzi   NYU
    Jason Wells North Carolina
    Stephane Auriol Notre Dame
    John Tejada Notre Dame
    Cliff Bayer Pennsylvania
    Yaron Roth  Pennsylvania
    David Lidow Penn State
    Gang Lu Penn State
    Peter Rosen Princeton
    Joel Mangum St. John's
    John Tiomkin    St. John's
    Tim Chang   Stanford
    Alex Wood   Stanford
    Peter Devine    Yale
    Ayo Griffen Yale

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