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    Four Track And Field Performers Head To Grand Valley Big Meet Friday

    FIGHTING IRISH Junior Jarrod Buchanon is one of four Irish sprinters that will compete at Grand Valley State Friday night.
    Junior Jarrod Buchanon is one of four Irish sprinters that will compete at Grand Valley State Friday night.

    Feb. 7, 2013

    NOTRE DAME, Ind. - Four members of the University of Notre Dame men's and women's track and field program return to Allendale, Mich., Friday to compete in the Grand Valley Big Meet at the Kelly Family Sports Center.

    Representing the men's side will be Jarod Buchanon, Aaron Dunn and Bryce Wood, while Aijah Urssery will represent the women. The foursome will use the meet as final practice for next weekend's BIG EAST Championships. 

    To date, 66 (29 men, 37 women) Notre Dame roster members have already qualified for the BIG EAST Championships in their respective events.

    The Irish held their own in the home meet last weekend producing seven event victories and setting three new school records as they welcomed in some of the nation's best to compete in the Meyo Invitational.

    Michael Clevenger (5,000m - 14:26.98), Megan Yanik (500m - 1:13.32), Ann Polcari (Pole Vault - 4.00m), Walter Schafer (3,000m - 8:23.17), Rebecca Tracy (Meyo Mile - 4:39.52) and Patrick Feeney (400m - 46.13) all captured an individual event victory.

    Brendan Dougherty, Chris Giesting, Jarrod Buchanon and Feeney contributed towards a top finish in the 4x400m relay with a winning time of 3:09.93.

    Jade Barber (8.26 - 60m hurdles), Feeney (46.13 - 400m) and Danielle Aragon (2:07.58 - 800m) each set a new standard in the Irish record books.

    The trip to Grand Valley is the second of the season for the Irish as they also competed in the Bob Eubanks Open Jan. 11-12.

    Following Friday's meet, Notre Dame will travel to Geneva, Ohio to participate in the BIG EAST Championships Feb. 16-17.

    NCAA Rankings (Top 50)


    400m - Patrick Feeney (2nd), Chris Giesting (11th)

    5,000m - Michael Clevenger (35th), Jake Kildoo (39th)

    4x400m Relay - Dougherty, Giesting, Buchanon, Feeney (12th)

    Weight Throw - Anthony Thomas (49th)

    Heptathlon - Ted Glasnow (48th)


    400m - Michelle Brown (40th), Margaret Bamgbose (46th)

    800m - Danielle Aragon (17th)

    Mile - Rebecca Tracy (9th)

    60mH - Jade Barber (11th), Nevada Sorenson (16th), Kaila Barber (21st)

    4x400m Relay - Barber, Brown, Yanik, Bamgbose (18th)

    Pole Vault - Ann Polcari (25th)

    Long Jump - Kaila Barber (18th)

    Triple Jump - Mary Esther Gourdin (22nd)

    Pentathlon - Carly Loeffel (38th)

    Men's BIG EAST Qualifiers (By Event - Relays Not Included)

    60m - Patrick Feeney, Keith Mesidor

    200m - Patrick Feeney, Chris Giesting, Keith Mesidor

    400m - Patrick Feeney, Chris Giesting, Brendan Dougherty, Aaron Dunn

    500m - Chris Giesting, Brendan Dougherty

    800m - Eric Gebeke, Steve Blazer, Chris Giesting, Eddy Gibbons, Jack Favorite, Spencer Rheinhardt

    1,000m - Kevin Byrne, Steve Blazer

    Mile - DJ Thornton, Michael Clevenger

    3,000m - Jake Kildoo, Jeff MacMillan, Walter Schafer, Michael Clevenger

    5,000m - Michael Clevenger, Jake Kildoo, Martin Grady, Jeff MacMillan, Walter Schafer

    60m Hurdles - Jarrod Buchanon, Bryce Wood

    Pole Vault - David Schipper, Patrick Krach, Dean Odegard, Ted Glasnow

    Long Jump - Keith Mesidor, Logan Renwick, Ted Glasnow

    Triple Jump - Logan Renwick

    Shot Put - Andrew Brock

    Weight Throw - Anthony Thomas, Jordan Stumph, Dominick Padovano

    Heptathlon - Ted Glasnow, Dean Odegard, Brent Swanberg

    Women's BIG EAST Qualifiers (By Event - Relays Not Included)

    60m - Kaila Barber, Jade Barber, Aijah Urssery

    200m - Kaila Barber, Margaret Bamgbose, Jaclyn Winkel, Megan Yanik, Jade Barber, Amber Lalla

    400m - Michelle Brown, Margaret Bamgbose, Jaclyn Winkel, Megan Yanik, Jade Barber, Amber Lalla

    500m - Megan Yanik, Jaclyn Winkel, Amber Lalla

    800m - Danielle Aragon, Kelly Curran, Angela Ryck, McKinzie Schulz, Sydni Meunier, Kaileen Healy, Kelsey Amarosa

    1,000m - McKinzie Schulz, Danielle Aragon, Angela Ryck, Kelly Curran, Sydni Meunier, Emily Frydrych

    Mile - Rebecca Tracy, Alexa Aragon, Kelly Curran, McKinzie Schulz, Sydni Meunier

    3,000m - Alexa Aragon, Meg Ryan, Rebecca Tracy, Kelly Curran, McKinzie Schulz

    5,000m - Jessica Rydberg, Gabby Gonzales

    60m Hurdles - Jade Barber, Nevada Sorenson, Kaila Barber, Meghan Moore, Carly Loeffel

    High Jump - Kendra Jennings, Carly Loeffel

    Pole Vault - Ann Polcari, Kelly Burke, Kayla Polcari, Chrissy Finkel

    Long Jump - Kaila Barber, Jessie Christian, Carly Loeffel, Meghan Moore

    Triple Jump - Mary Esther Gourdin, Jessie Christian

    Shot Put - Emily Morris, Madeline Casanova, Emily Kujawski

    Weight Throw - Vivien Devaney, Madeline Casanova, Ihuoma Nwaogwugwu, Emily Morris, Lena Madison

    Pentathlon - Carly Loeffel, Meghan Moore

    Men's BIG EAST Qualifiers (By Person - Relays Not Included)

    Steve Blazer - 800m, 1,000m

    Andrew Brock - Shot Put

    Kevin Byrne - 1,000m

    Jarrod Buchanon - 60m Hurdles

    Michael Clevenger - Mile, 3,000m, 5,000m

    Brendan Dougherty - 400m, 500m

    Aaron Dunn - 400m

    Jack Favorite - 800m

    Patrick Feeney - 60m, 200m, 400m

    Eric Gebeke - 800m

    Eddy Gibbons - 800m

    Chris Giesting - 200m, 400m, 500m, 800m

    Ted Glasnow - Pole Vault, Long Jump, Heptathlon

    Martin Grady - 5,000m

    Jake Kildoo - 3,000m, 5,000m

    Patrick Krach - Pole Vault

    Jeff MacMillan - 3,000m, 5,000m

    Keith Mesidor - 60m, 200m, Long Jump

    Dean Odegard - Pole Vault, Heptathlon

    Dominick Padovano - Weight Throw

    Logan Renwick - Long Jump, Triple Jump

    Spencer Rheinhardt - 800m

    Walter Schafer - 3,000m, 5,000m

    David Schipper - Pole Vault

    Jordan Stumph - Weight Throw

    Brent Swanberg

    Anthony Thomas - Weight Throw

    DJ Thornton - Mile

    Bryce Wood - 60m Hurdles

    Women's BIG EAST Qualifiers (By Person - Relays Not Included)

    Kelsey Amarosa - 800m

    Alexa Aragon - Mile, 3,000m

    Danielle Aragon - 800m, 1,000m

    Margaret Bamgbose - 200m, 400m

    Jade Barber - 60m, 200m, 400m, 60m Hurdles

    Kaila Barber - 60m, 200m, Long Jump

    Michelle Brown - 400m

    Kelly Burke - Pole Vault

    Madeline Casanova, Weight Throw

    Jessie Christian - Long Jump, Triple Jump

    Kelly Curran - 800m, 1,000m, Mile, 3,000m

    Vivien Devaney - Weight Throw

    Chrissy Finkel - Pole Vault

    Emily Frydrych - 1,000m

    Gabby Gonzales - 5,000m

    Mary Esther Gourdin - Triple Jump

    Kaileen Healy - 800m

    Kendra Jennings - High Jump

    Emily Kujawski - Shot Put

    Amber Lalla - 200m, 400m, 500m

    Carly Loeffel - 60m Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump, Pentathlon

    Lena Madison - Weight Throw

    Sydni Meunier - 800m, 1,000m, Mile

    Meghan Moore - 60m Hurdles, Long Jump, Pentathlon

    Emily Morris - Shot Put, Weight Throw

    Ihuoma Nwaogwugwu - Weight Throw

    Ann Polcari - Pole Vault

    Kayla Polcari - Pole Vault

    Meg Ryan - 3,000m

    Angela Ryck - 800m, 1,000m

    Jessica Rydberg - 5,000m

    McKinzie Schulz - 800m, 1,000m, Mile, 3,000m

    Nevada Sorenson - 60m Hurdles

    Rebecca Tracy - Mile, 3,000m

    Aijah Urssery - 60m

    Jaclyn Winkel - 200m, 400m, 500m

    Megan Yanik - 200m, 400m, 500m




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