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Feb. 8, 2005

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Notre Dame Coach Mike Brey Quotes

On tonight's win...
"This is a great win for us. They are very good, and I was really proud of our group. We were very business-like in our preparation. We stayed poised when they jumped out on us. We stayed poised when they made runs, and we obviously did a great job in our zone."

On the play of Sophomore Guard Colin Falls...
"I think he is one of the best shooters in the country. He is still earning his stripes compared to some of the other guys out there, but he is getting close, and he'll get there. When he comes back next year, I think he will be talked about like that. I think what you saw tonight though, was that he is really a crafty defender. When we put him in the zone and let him use his instincts, he did great things. He has great basketball instincts, and a great IQ."

On the play of Senior Guard Chris Thomas...
"Chris Thomas was fabulous orchestrating the game, leading, and keeping us poised when they made runs. He set the whole tone. He took a lot off me, and he kept everybody calm... It was predictable that he would play like that tonight. He is a winner, and when there is a big one that can really help you out there to get, he'll get it."

On breaking the Boston College win streak...
"We really respect Boston College. This is a good league win for us. Even though I am not good at math, I can do the RPI stuff, and this is obviously good for our resume. Certainly there have been some parallels drawn [to DePaul], but we aren't independent anymore, and our next Big East game is coming, so we are going to enjoy it a little and then get back to work for Pittsburg."

Senior Guard Chris Thomas



On the win...
"It's a great win for our resume - that's the bottom line. We felt good about our preparation coming into the game. We continue to have big games and its good for our RPI. "

On his play tonight...
"I just tried to smile and have fun out there. I didn't get into it with the officials and I didn't have any baggage coming into the game from Syracuse. I didn't even think; I just played. I talked to a couple of my buddies and they said that I was just not playing my game. So I wrote on my shoes, 'Just play', and that's what I stuck to and our team stuck to."

Senior Forward Dennis Latimore

On the game..,
"Our home crowd definitely helped. We took care of the ball and we didn't turn the ball over. We rebounded and the zone really worked tonight. We kind of had to win this game. If we were to lose anymore in this game, the tournament it would have been a stretch to get to the tournament."

Junior Center Torin Francis

On leading at the half...
"I know how many times we have been leading at half time and then come back out and we won some and we lost some, but this was one we had to win, especially after the game at Syracuse."

BC Coach Al Skinner Quotes

On the loss...
"We ran a lot of good plays, but we just made mistakes that allowed Notre Dame opportunities that we normally don't make. We have to learn from that. This was the first time, I thought, that we made mistakes mentally and we can't allow that to happen. The thing I'm most concerned about was our lapses on defense. We knew what we wanted to do, but at times we were just zoning out. Its something we can learn from. Give Notre Dame credit for its movement, but its nothing that we didn't expect. That is what's disappointing."

On Craig Smith's performance ...
"I thought tonight at times he looked a little tired. Some of his shots were rushed. He just didn't show the patience that he has. It's something we need to work on and concentrate on. We were trying to execute some things and he was just anxious. He did the same thing last week. He has to have a little more discipline on the offensive end."

On the timing of the loss...
"It definitely comes at a good time. It gives a chance to get refocused, sit down and start again. 9-1 and 20-1 is not a bad place to be."

On the goal tend called against Sean Williams...
"It wasn't a goal tend. I need to see the tape, but the problem was that no one expected him to get there. When he did get there, the official just reacted the way he did. I've seen him make that play it before, the official just didn't expect it.

On the pressure to respond to Notre Dame's perimeter shooting...
"I didn't think it was necessary for us to respond. All our shots from the perimeter were good shots, so I had no problem with that. That's what they were giving us and we'll take what a team gives us. If there are good looks, we will take them. We just didn't execute as well in the interior as we would have liked."

On no longer being unbeaten...
"It's disappointing losing. Being unbeaten is nice, but I'm more concerned about why we lost this basketball. I never overly concerned, the fact that we were undefeated. It's just that we didn't play as well as we could have tonight. Being undefeated is ultimately not our goal. Our goal is to be as successful as we possibly can in this league. The fact of the matter is that we are happy to still be in first place."

Sophomore Forward Jared Dudley

On the main difference in the game...
"We didn't stop them like they stopped us. We left Colin Falls wide open for threes and he hit all of them. You can't have that. We didn't stop their middle penetration the whole game.

On the impact of the loss...
"It's a little disappointing, but people who are good come back and bounce back the next day. I know we're going to come back against Rutgers and hopefully get that victory. We can't be down after just one loss. Everyone in the BIG EAST has lost and we're still in first place."

Junior Guard Louis Hinnant

On the team's mentality in the last minutes of the game...
We still felt that we'd win the game. We'd been in situations like that before, and it just so happened that tonight it came back to bite us. We won't hang our heads though--we lost to a good team.

On his expectations entering the game...
We weren't overlooking Notre Dame at all, but we definitely thought this was a game that we would and should have won. They played a great game and had some guys knock down some tough shots. Coming in, we definitely expected to get our 21st victory, but it just doesn't happen that way.

On the impact of the loss...
The team is pretty down right now, but being 20-1 doesn't make you any less of a team than being 21-0. We still are one of the elite teams in the country, so we still have a lot to be proud of. We just have to remember that we still have 6 more games to play.

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