Notre Dame 42, Rutgers 0

Nov. 23, 2002

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Notre Dame Head Coach Tyrone Willingham Quotes

On Notre Dame's offense...
"We believed that at some point this season our offense would show its' true potential. Today our offense did exactly that. Obviously, Carlyle Holidays performance passing was exceptional in the third quarter, and truthfully throughout the game. Our offense did a great job of playing the way I think they can."

On getting the Irish back on track...
"Getting back on track is always important. Anytime you have a break you want to go into the break with a win and you wan to come out of the break with a win. The fact that we added some offense to it makes it impressive. Our defense has been outstanding all season long, and today was no different."

On the senior class...
"It would have been very easy for this group of young men with not much time left to make a decision to not lead this team. They refused to do that. They thought it was important to their success to the team's success and to the tradition of this University that they go out in Fighting Irish style today. I have been honored by the job they have done in the terms of leadership and performance."

On being the first Notre Dame coach to win 10 games in an opening season...
"I can not comment on that. That is nothing about Tyrone Willingham it is about our team. Without my assistant coaches and our players none of this would have been possible, so they are the ones that deserve all the credit."

On the Irish's upcoming game with USC considering Carson Palmer...
"It is early for me to talk details about Carson Palmer, but it is obvious to everyone that he poses more than just a little problem. This is a young man that is actually playing the best football of any quarterback in the country. Besides he is compliment by some of the best receivers in the country. I consider that more than just a little problem. I consider it a huge truckload full of problems that you have to deal with every now and then. Hopefully, we will be excited and be able to come away with a win."



Notre Dame Player Quotes

Junior LB Mike Goolsby

On Shane Walton's interception return ...
"That was a huge play. It was not the fact of just getting a turnover, but also scoring with it. I think that is something the defense and the whole team thrives off of."

On playing well after the BC and Navy games ...
"It was crucial for us, and I think that's why we played so hard today. It was good for our confidence and to get the mechanics back."

On preparing for USC ...
"We know they are going to throw the ball around a lot. It's something we definitely wanted to focus on as a defense.

Junior WR Omar Jenkins

On getting the chance to watch today ...
"It was a lot of fun because we got a bunch of the young guys in that haven't had playing experience. It was great to see them out there and playing."

On the Notre Dame seniors
"I felt that we have to win it for these guys, because it is their last time, and I hope they had a good one."

Senior WR Arnaz Battle

On the offense today...
"That's how we're supposed to come out every week. We came out and made it happen in the second half."

On next week's game...
"Coming off a win gives the team a lot of confidence and [we can] see how capable we are being an explosive team. I think that gives us a big boost going into USC."

On Coach Willingham...
"He's made a tremendous difference in my life. He's the guy that helped me on and off the field. He's made me a better person and [made me] realize the things I have going for me in life. He's like a father to us. He's just a great role model."

On quarterback Carlyle Holiday...
"He played a great game. He's the guy that's stead[ily] learning offense. He's making that transition and doing a good job."

Senior CB Shane Walton

On his last home game...
"I had to get my last look of the stadium full. Before the game, I felt a little teary-eyed. Now, its done and its over."

On the offense...
"That's what I expected out of them. I've seen them do it everyday in practice, so it was about time they did it on the field. I'm proud of them."

Senior RB Tim O'Neill

On playing in the game...
"I am very thankful to the coaches for giving me the opportunity."

On playing for Coach Willingham...
"A lot of guys looked at it as an opportunity to prove themselves with a new coach coming in. That's how I looked at it. If you show you're a hardworker and that you have competence in your abilities, Coach Willingham and the rest of the coaches are going to give you an opportunity."

Rutgers Quotes

Rutgers Head Coach Greg Schiano

On the game as a whole...
"Notre Dame is a pretty good team; our team is a young team. This was a good experience for our team and will help us get to where we need to be."

On the second quarter ND interception...
"The referees said that they did not see it. The officials are human beings and everyone makes errors. They just did not see it the way I did. For good teams, one play should not make the difference. Today, it did not."

On Rutgers' failed quarterback sneak in the first quarter...
"The play did not work properly as planned. Our plan was to at least to come away with three points. It did not end up that way."

On Notre Dame...
"They brought a lot of pressure today, which is uncharacteristic of them, because they knew we struggle with that pressure. Notre Dame is one of the top teams in the country; they play as a team -- offense, defense, and special teams. I was surprised today with their passing game, as that has not been their strong point all year."

On starting quarterback Ryan Hart and his replacement in the second half...
"It was my decision, not an injury, to replace Hart in the second half with Ryan Cubit. The team needed a jump start and each side was making adjustments. Sometimes, the veteran quarterback (Cubit) reacts better in that situation."

On the third quarter...
"There was a defensive pass breakdown. Holiday is a great athlete and scrambles well and makes things happen. Fundamentals like that win games."

Rutgers Player Quotes

Sophomore QB Ryan Cubit:

On Notre Dame defense...
"Notre Dame has a really good defense. They're a defense that if you beat them once, they're going to fix it up so that you're not going to beat them again. They are really good at adjusting and are a really aggressive defense. It's pretty tough to run our offense against that."

On upcoming season finale at Boston College...
"Everyone is going to let it all on the line, we are all looking forward to it. For our seniors, it will be their last game so we are going to play for them. Everyone has just worked so hard on this team and haven't quit, so we minds as well not quit now."

Freshman QB Ryan Hart:

On first quarter fumble at Notre Dame 1-yard line...
"I was supposed to make it look like a pass, then go a quick count and just try to get up the middle and gain some yards. [Derek Curry] just made a great play. I tried to come back right, he swatted the ball, and I should have held on to the ball. That was a big key of the game."

On CB Shane Walton's return of second quarter interception for touchdown...
"I was trying to throw the ball away. I was trying to get the ball [near] Clarence Pittman because I had pressure and didn't want to take a sack. I don't know what happened with the play, but all of a sudden I see [Walton] picking the ball up and taking it for a touchdown."

Senior FS Shawn Seabrooks:

On difference in game...
"They made the big plays. [Carlyle Holiday] scrambled and got first downs when they needed it. [Holiday] threw touchdowns when they needed it."

On third quarter Notre Dame passing attack...
"We were bringing some pressure on [Holiday]. They matched with a lot of 2 and 3-reciever routes. We just let up too many big plays in that one little stretch in the third quarter."

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