Autry Denson Introductory Quotes

March 2, 2015

On starting process once job was open ...
"It was very interesting. From the time I got into coaching, this was my dream job. So I heard it was open and here's the funny thing about it ... I heard about it at 1:30 or 2 p.m. and our furniture for the relocation to USF wasn't even getting there until 3:30 p.m. so I had to take a deep breath and say a quick prayer before I approached my wife. I went in with caution, but of course she was excited as well."

On being back at Notre Dame ...
"It's so exciting. It's amazing. I can't stop smiling because you really don't get this opportunity, it really doesn't come (around very often). I realize how blessed I am. I'm ready to get in and work and do everything I can to help the University and help our team get to a national championship."

On running backs in program ...
"I have a lot I'm working with. That had a lot to do with it too. They can make me look like a pretty good coach pretty fast. I'm getting really close with Tarean (Folston) and Greg (Bryant) and the young guys that are coming in. Tony (Alford) did a great job recruiting and got some guys in the room, so it's up to me to continue that development and let them continue to play football. It's not a real difficult game."

On Coach Kelly's praise of his interview ...
"Coach Kelly is probably being too kind. I don't know if I necessarily blew him away, but my goal going into the interview was like anything I do, to just be myself. I'm blessed to be in this position and I allow my faith to lead me in everything that I do. What I think he felt was the genuine love for Notre Dame. This has been a lot like my recruiting process from the standpoint of you either love it or you don't and I truly love Notre Dame. I've been blessed to live it since I've graduated from here, so to be able to come back and have an active role in it ... I'm excited that coach was blown away.

On what he told Coach Kelly he would do with running backs here ...
"I just talked about my philosophy. The X's and O's are the same, it's what you bring to the table. Who I am as a coach, this is my ministry. This is how I mentor young men. I was blessed that the game of football raised me, it taught me a lot of invaluable life lessons. I've had so many great coaches around me - Urban Meyer, Desmond Robinson, Lou Holtz and Tony Dungy, that for me it's very natural for me to do what I'm doing because all those people have taken the time to work with me. So I'm basically returning and playing back what they've done for me."



On walk across campus now versus as a student ...
"A lot slower. I'm a lot older now so a little less pep in my step. It's very exciting. My mom was like my best friend growing up and my wife, who I've dated since high school, basically stepped into that role, so probably talking to them would be better because I'm like a little kid. I'm calling them every other second saying `you remember this, remember this.' I can't wait for my wife to get back up, I can't wait for my mom to get back up because it's very nostalgic."

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