Keith Gilmore Introductory Quotes

March 2, 2015

On experience with Coach Kelly, Coach VanGorder & Coach Longo playing a role in process ...
"It was a big part of it. Just the comfort level of knowing the people you're around was important to me. The biggest thing was that every time I've won a championship, I've been with Coach Kelly and I like winning. So that opportunity to get back with him and know people that are here and share their philosophies was important to me."

On how time at Grand Valley State shaped him ...
"It was my second full-time job. It gave me an opportunity to learn playing with a high-tempo offense, which Coach Kelly has always had. Some of the nuances of the type of defense you have to put in place to be able to match those. That was the biggest thing.

"If you can imagine, Grand Valley is probably similar to Notre Dame on the Division II level. It was a high-profile school and had a winning tradition. So they are similar in that respect. It's just one is Division II and one's Division I."

On Coach Kelly's coaching style from Grand Valley to Notre Dame ...
"The one thing about it is that he's always prepared. You always feel a sense of preparation and the plan has been successful. When you are able to sell that to your players and coaches, it makes for a winning combination. Those are two things that he's always had - he's been prepared and he has a plan and it's a proven plan."

On Coach VanGorder from college to now ...
"Not a lot different (laughing). He was a wild man and he was very passionate then and nothing has changed. I was telling these guys earlier, he is a very demanding guy of everyone around him. He's going to make you be your best and he expects that. That hasn't changed much from our playing days until now."

On reason for success on getting guys into the NFL ...
"One, good players. Just the fundamentals and the technique and learning how to execute and practice on a daily basis. A lot of people can be good sporadically, but to be good day in and day out and to understand that part of it is the message that I've tried to get across to those guys. Just making sure that they are sound fundamentally. Nothing beats getting off the football and using your hands and turning and running ... just the things that it takes on a day-to-day basis and paying attention to those details every day."



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