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    Aug. 4, 2008

    The University of Notre Dame football team begins its preseason practice schedule for the 2008 season on Friday, Aug. 8. The team will hold its media day activities, followed by the first team work out of the fall that afternoon.

    Und.com begins its third season of full video coverage of the team this fall and is poised to bring improved video coverage of every move the Fighting Irish make this year.

    We recommend simply bookmarking this page, or adding it to your favorites, for easy access to every video we post during the 2008 preseason schedule.

    Don't forget to check the und.com podcast page, which we are making an increased effort to keep updated daily this season - you can access that page HERE


    As the Irish have shifted to their typical in-week schedule on Monday, Aug. 25, this page becomes out of date. With the upcoming launch of und.com's new all-access player - and und.com's video blog, you will be able to keep up with everything going on on und.com better than ever before.

    Thursday, Aug. 21

    Practice Report
    Coach Weis Media Session

    Wednesday, Aug. 20

    Coach Weis Media Session
    Practice Report that includes a look at the new National Championship Gate at Notre Dame Stadium

    Tuesday, Aug. 19

    Coach Brown Media Session
    G. Gray Interview
    D. Bruton Interview
    Practice Report with special guest Reggie Brooks

    Monday, Aug. 18

    Coach Latina Media Session
    E. Olsen Interview
    R. Hughes Interview
    D. Kamara Interview
    Practice Report

    Sunday, Aug. 17

    Practice was closed to the media.

    Saturday, Aug. 16

    Coach Weis Media Session

    Friday, Aug. 15

    M. Crum, Jr. Interview
    P. Kuntz Interview
    Practice Report

    Thursday, Aug. 14

    Coach Haywood Media Session
    J. Clausen Interview
    S. Young Interview
    D. Grimes Interview
    Practice Report

    Wednesday, Aug. 13

    Coach Weis Media Session
    Practice Report
    Coach Tenuta Interview
    Coach Oliver Interview
    K. Neal Interview
    S. Brown Interview
    I. Williams Interview

    Tuesday, Aug. 12


    Practice Report
    Team vs. Team Part One The Irish ran 30 running plays with a combination of all four teams from the depth chart.
    Team vs. Team Part One The top highlights from the team vs. team portions are in this video, including goal line, the final field goal to end practice and the celebration.
    Irish Eyes Drill This drill features a blocker and a RB vs. a defensive lineman or linebacker.
    THUD Drills Listed as 'THUD' on the practice itinerary, this is 11 vs. 11 plays run full speed, just without taking the ball carrier to the ground.
    RBs vs. Gauntlet The first day of pads gives RB coach Michael Haywood the chance to run his players through the gauntlet.

    Monday, Aug. 11

    R. Parris Interview
    M. Romine Interview
    D. Wenger Interview
    Coach Latina Interview
    Coach Ianello Interview
    Practice Report
    Note: Coach Weis was not available to the media on Monday, Aug. 11. His next media session will be Wednesday, Aug. 12

    Sunday, Aug. 10
    Coach Weis Media Session
    Practice Report

    H. Smith Interview
    G. Gray Interview
    B. Smith Interview

    Saturday, Aug. 9

    R. Hughes Interview
    A. Allen Interview
    J. Aldridge Interview

    Coach Weis Media Session

    Practice Report - August 9

    Friday, Aug. 8


    Coach Weis Media Day Press Conference Video Archive


    Practice Repost - August 8th (including a look at every Freshman)


    Coach Brown (Defensive Coordinator)
    Coach Tenuta (Linebackers)
    Coach Oliver (Defensive Line)
    Coach Parmalee (Tight Ends)


    J. Clausen
    T. Lambert
    Aspah Schwapp



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