Football Media Day Coach Lyght Interview

Aug. 18, 2015

Todd Lyght - Defensive Backs Coach

On the 1-on-1 battles each day for the cornerbacks...

"I think the competition that we have with the 1-on-1's, the 7-on-7's and the team periods are really good. The guys are learning to compete harder consistently. When you're going against Chris Brown, Will Fuller, and these types of receivers. We have a group of talented young receivers also, and there is a lot of depth at the wide receiver position. They vary in speed, size and quickness. We have a little bit of everything for the defense when you talk about our offensive skillset. If we're able to compete a high level in practice that will transition to success for us on Saturdays."

On the size of today's wide receivers being different from his playing career...

"The receivers are definitely much bigger in size, and the speed is similar. We have fast guys now, but the difference in size for the wide receivers is what has become more popular. If you look at the NFL there are a lot of power forwards playing wide receiver, small forwards playing wide receiver, that's where the game is moving to. The bigger, faster guys you get on the football field the more success they'll have, so that's the way the game is going with a lot of different positions. Even in the secondary, specifically the cornerback position, because if you don't get bigger and longer at cornerback those 50-50 balls become 60-40 balls, 70-30 balls, you don't give yourself a chance if you line up small."

On the development of Cole Luke...

"Cole is learning to play harder more consistently, and he is learning to play with more technique. He is a very talented and gifted athlete, and he has been able to get away just on his athleticism alone. When he focuses on his game, the fundamentals and technique of the game, he can really play at a very high level. The key for Cole is going to be consistently playing hard and playing with technique."



On the combination of Cole Luke and KeiVarae Russell...

"We have a lot of experience. Obviously KeiVarae didn't play last year because of the suspension, but he has come back and we're really excited to have him back. The combination of he and Cole Luke, being able to play both the left and the right side and match up, it's going to give us a lot of flexibility on defense."

On tackling technique...

"We teach step to contact, hit with the rising blow, the two-step to re-direct. There's open field tackles, left and right-footed tackles, tackles where you just have to get the guy down. There are tackles like the (Seattle Seahawks) Hawk Roll Tackle where if the ball carrier gets outside of you, you get your head behind him, wrap the legs and roll. There are all kinds of ways to get guys down. For us, we need to run to the ball, play really hard to get everyone to the ball, and once we're there we have the fundamentals and technique to bring ball carriers down."

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