2009 Preseason Practice Video Coverage

Aug. 24, 2009

The University of Notre Dame football team has completed its 2009 preseason practice schedule. As the University begins classes on Tuesday, Aug. 24, the team begins its game-week practice schedule in preparation for the home opener against Nevada on Sept. 5, 2009.

The video crew was at practice each day during the preseason and produced over 100 original video pieces for our Irish football fans. This page is a one-stop shop for all of those videos, broken down by subject matter.

Practice Reports (presented by Xerox)
August 8 (Day One)
August 9 (Heat & Humidity)
August 10 (Offensive Line)
August 11 (Wide Receivers)
August 12 (National Award Candidates)
August 13 (Defensive Line)
August 14 (Running Backs)
August 15 (Open Practice)
August 15 (Irish Eyes Drill)
August 15 (Team Drills)
August 17 (Team Captains)
August 18 (Linebackers)
August 19 (Defensive Backs)
August 20 (Quarterbacks)
August 21 (Defensive Freshmen)

Coach Weis
Media Session (Aug. 20)
Media Session (Aug. 17)
Media Session Highlights (Aug. 17)
Media Session (Aug. 14)
Media Session Highlights (Aug. 14)
Media Session (Aug. 10)
Media Session Highlights (Aug. 10)
Media Day Press Conference (Aug. 7)
Media Day Press Conference Highlights (Aug. 7)
During the preseason (and this will continue during the regular season) we broke down the media sessions with Coach Weis on subject matter. Here are his comments on all the different subjects he touched on in the month of August -
Personnel Update (Aug. 17)
Candidates for Kick Returner (Aug. 14)
SAM Linebacker (Aug. 14)
Recruiting Philosophy (Aug. 14)
Practice Format (Aug. 14)
Quarterbacks (Aug. 14)
Personnel Update (Aug. 14)
Injury Update (Aug. 11)
Offensive Game Plan Balance (Aug. 10)
Personnel Update (Aug. 10)
Team Conditioning (Aug. 10)
Role of FB in Irish offense (Aug. 10)
Team Expectations (Aug. 7)
J. Clausen (Aug. 7)
Offensive Line (Aug. 7)
Playcalling Duties (Aug. 7)
Personnel Updates (Aug. 7)

Assistant Coaches
Brown/Tenuta - Defensive Philosophy (Aug. 7)
Alford/Verducci - Running Game Philosophy (Aug. 7)
Alford/Tenuta - Evaluating Players (Aug. 7)
Asst. Coaches Discuss Team Depth and Experience (Aug.7)
All-Access - Coach Powlus (Aug. 7)
Coach Polian Special Teams Update (Aug. 13)
All-Access - Coach Ianello (Aug. 11)
Coach Parmalee Interview (Aug. 20)
All-Access - GA B. Young (Aug. 20)

Jimmy Clausen
Coach Weis on Clausen Named Team Captain (Aug. 17)
Media Day Interview (Aug. 8)
Media Day Interview Highlights (Aug. 8)
Coach Weis on Clausen (Aug. 7)
Coach Weis on the Quarterbacks (Aug. 14)
On his role as team captain (Aug. 17)

Defensive Backs
Practice Report - August 19 (Defensive Backs)
K. McCarthy Interview (Aug. 11)
Coach Weis on K. McCarthy Named Team Captain (Aug. 17)
All-Access - M. Anello (Aug. 9)
Coach Weis on M. Anello (Aug. 17)
WRs vs. DBs Drill - August 15
E. Banks Interview (Aug. 21)
Z. Motta Interview (Aug. 21)

Defensive Line
Coach Weis on I. Williams (Aug. 10)
Practice Report - August 13 (Defensive Line)
OL vs. DL Drill - August 15
All-Access - GA B. Young (Aug. 20)
Coach Verducci Interview (Aug. 20)
T. Stockton Interview (Aug. 21)

Practice Report - August 18 (Linebackers)
All-Access - T. Smith (Aug. 19)
All-Access - D. Fleming (Aug. 11)
T. Robinson Interview (Aug. 18)
Coach Weis on the SAM Linebacker Position (Aug. 14)
Coach Weis on ST Captain S. Smith (Aug. 17)
Coach Weis on Frosh LB M. Te'o (Aug. 20)
M. Te'o Interview (Aug. 21)

Offensive Line
Coach Weis on the OL (Aug. 7)
Coach Weis on Team Captain E. Olsen (Aug. 17)
Practice Report - August 10 (Offensive Line)
OL vs. DL Drill - August 15
Coach Verducci Interview (Aug. 20)

Practice Report - August 20 (Quarterbacks)
All-Access - Coach Powlus (Aug. 7)
E. Sharpley Interview (Aug. 9)
D. Crist Interview (Aug. 11)
Coach Weis on the Quarterbacks (Aug. 14)

Running Backs
Practice Report - August 14 (Running Backs)
Coach Weis on A. Allen and the RB depth (Aug. 17)
A. Allen Interview (Aug. 18)
Coach Weis on Frosh Running Backs (Aug. 20)
C. Wood Interview (Aug. 21)
T. Riddick Interview (Aug. 21)

Special Teams
Coach Polian Special Teams Update (Aug. 13)
Coach Weis on the Candidates for Kick Returner (Aug. 14)
Coach Weis on Frosh Special Teams (Aug. 20)
N. Tausch Interview (Aug. 21)

Tight Ends
Coach Parmalee Interview (Aug. 20)
J. Golic Interview (Aug. 21)
T. Eifert Interview (Aug. 21)

Wide Receivers
All-Access - G. Tate (Aug. 18)
J. Goodman Interview (Aug. 11)
All-Access - Coach Ianello (Aug. 11)
Practice Report - August 11 (Wide Receivers)
WRs vs. DBs Drill - August 15
Coach Weis on Frosh WR S. Evans (Aug. 20)
Coach Weis on Frosh WR R. Toma (Aug. 20)
R. Toma Interview (Aug. 21)
S. Evans Interview (Aug. 21)

Player Group Interviews
Defensive Players (Aug. 19)
Team Captains (Aug. 17)
Leadership Committee (Aug. 17)
'Talk is Cheap' (Aug. 8)
Media Day Sound Bites (Aug. 8)
'Putting on the Pads' (Aug. 11)
Coach Hart's Energy at Practice (Aug. 11)
Frosh Interview Highlights (Aug. 21)



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