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    Bob Davie and Irish Players' Quotes

    Irish over Purdue, 31-30, in comeback victory

    September 26, 1998

    Notre Dame Head Coach Bob Davie Quotes

    On the game: "I thought that was a heck of a football game. Obviously Tony Driver's interceptions were key. You have to give them credit. They are a good football. Overall, we knew if we could stay close, we knew that we could win."

    On Purdue: "Purdue is good, and we knew they would be good coming in here. They were 9-3 last year. They beat us, but then went and beat a lot other good teams last year."

    On Purdue quarterback Drew Brees: "I have a lot of respect for their quarterback Drew Brees. He is going to be a very good quarterback and someone to deal with in the future."

    On improving as a team: "We have got to improve and get better as a team. It is one thing to say it, but we've got to go out and do that. We have a long way to go and got to get better. It is easier to improve when you win. This was a critical game for us." "Our attitude is very good but we have to improve. You can say that this win is something to build on but we have to improve. You don't have to learn every lesson the hard way. We won today but we know we have to improve."

    On the defense: "Our defense struggled today. Their offense is very hard to defend but we weren't making the plays on defense and not making the tackles. We never consistently stopped them. We are looking for playmakers on defense but this gives us something to build on."

    On Autry Denson: "Autry flat out carried us in the first half. With the way he played, we needed to go to number 23. We had to get him the ball."

    Notre Dame Player Quotes

    Strong Safety Tony Driver
    On his interception return: " Brees threw the ball to high for his receiver, and I was in the right spot to intercept the ball. Once I got the ball all I was thinking was get the ball in the end zone. I had good blocks all the way to the end zone, but I was stopped just short of where I wanted to end up."

    Tailback Autry Denson
    on his drive to win the game: " I had a lot of help today from my offensive line and my fullbacks blocking for me. Their blocks made every play I had today . The whole offense played their hearts out for the win today. We played with a lot of heart and knew how to perform to win."

    Kicker Jim Sanson
    On the winning fieldgoal: " My career here at Notre Dame has had a lot of ups and downs. Today was great I was extremely happy when I hit the fieldgoal. After I had missed the forty yarder earlier I was mad at myself for missing it. I have learned to forget about what I did the time before and concentrate on the next kick. I went out there relaxed and knew what I had to do and did it."

    Linebacker Kory Minor
    On the Defense: " We knew what we had to do today to win. We had to stop them from getting big plays that hurt us and we did. This defense played with a lot of heart, and never gave up on what we wanted to accomplish. We just took the game play by play and played hard every down. We need to make some improvements for next week, but we know what we have to do."

    Quarterback Jarious Jackson
    On the Offense: " We started off slow, but we picked it up as the game went along. We believed if we could execute our game plan we could win the game. The offensive line opened up nice holes for us to run through all day. The offensive line played great today I am very happy with them."

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