Football Player Quotes - Tennessee Game Week

Nov. 1, 2004

Derek Curry - senior - linebacker

On what the defense will have to do in order to have success against Tennessee ...

We have to make plays. I watched their game last week, the South Carolina game. I saw a lot of opportunities for us to do some really good things. Eliminating big plays is something that South Carolina didn't do and it's something that we are going to have to capitalize on. They let some big runs get to them and if they would have stopped that it would have been a different ball game.

On if the team feels re-energized after the off week ...

Definitely. The opportunity we had was tremendous because we got healthy last week. We also did some really good work too. We wouldn't want to have it any other way going into this week. We feel refreshed and got the old game out of our system and had a chance to watch some other football games. It's funny how re-energized you get when you watch another team play and watch your friends around the country play. You feel like you should be out there but it was our week off.

Brady Quinn - sophomore - quarterback

On what the offense has to do to be successful against Tennessee ...

We have to have both the running and the passing game going for us. I think if either one of those things are taken away it's going to be a tough game and an uphill battle for us. We really just need to make plays, that's the biggest thing. With one-hundred and seven-thousand or however many it (Neyland Stadium) holds, you've got to be able to take some momentum away and make that atmosphere more favorable for you.

On if the team has changed things this week to prepare for the crowd noise that they'll face at Tennessee ...

Not too much from the usual. As far as a communication standpoint goes we've already worked on stuff like that (hand signals) already before so right now it's not really a factor. I just need to make sure that I'm communicating to the guys up front and they are communicating amongst themselves.

Dan Stevenson - senior - guard

On the importance of the running game ...

As an offensive lineman everything starts with the run. We need to go out there and we need to pound the ball. That allows Brady (Quinn), who obviously wants to throw every down, to do what he wants. We definitely need to be able to do both. We can't be one-dimensional with the kind of speed an athleticism they (Tennessee) have. Even the coaches say that the run game opens up the pass game.

On if the Tennessee defensive line will be the most athletic line that they've faced all year ...

Yeah, I would definitely say so. They are big up front, they're quick and great athletes so it's definitely going to be a test.

Mike Goolsby - senior - linebacker

On the toughest place that he's ever played ...

I would have to say either Nebraska or probably (Texas) A&M. I didn't play in either of the games besides doing my special teams thing. The fans and the noise level were just incredible there.

On what he expects Tennessee's Neyland Stadium to be like ...

Looking at the schedule this is the game that I've been looking forward to since I signed here just because I heard about the atmosphere. Talking with coach Mattison he said it's like walking on air once you get in that place so I'm really looking forward to it.

Ryan Grant - senior - running back

On what Notre Dame needs to do in order to beat Tennessee ...

We need to play hard, physical and fast football every play. Every single play, we can't have any loafs. We need to get after it every single play.

On if the team thrives on playing in a hostile stadium ...

Anytime you feel like you can get a win in somebody else's territory that makes you feel good. You have to step up to the challenge. This is a great opportunity. To play in front of this crowd on this stage on a nationally televised game and to play our game and to show what we stand for. We need to step up. This is why you come to Notre Dame and come to these schools because we get an opportunity to play these types of games.

Anthony Fasano - junior - tight end

On what he did with the weekend off ...

I hung around here. I watched a little football. I got excited knowing that we can hang with any team in the nation. I also just tried to get healthy and concentrate on Tennessee.

On the Tennessee game ...

We have to come out and score points early. When we do that and we do get a lead we have to put teams away. We really have to learn to keep our foot on their throat when we got them.

Kyle Budinscak - senior - defensive end

On what the Notre Dame defensive needs to do to stop Tennessee ...

We need to get after them up front. We need to establish the fact that they can't run the ball against us. They have some big guys up front, physical guys. They like to run the ball no matter what. It's another one of those games where you say if you can stop the run you have a great chance to be successful. That's what we need to do first and foremost.

On if Tennessee will be the toughest place that he has ever played ...

Yeah from what I hear it sounds like it might be. One-hundred and four-thousand people and the stadium goes straight up in the air. It's just a crazy atmosphere from what I've heard.



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