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NCAA Men's Ice Hockey Midwest Regional: Alabama-Huntsville Chargers Quotes

March 26, 2010

NCAA Men's Ice Hockey Midwest Regional
March 26, 2010 | Allen County War Memorial Coliseum | Fort Wayne, Ind.
Alabama-Huntsville Chargers Quotes

Danton Cole: Head Coach

Opening Statement
We are real excited about being here. Our guys have put a lot of work in and did a lot of the right things and won some games at the right time. They've earned it and they are excited. Miami is a heck of a team. Obviously we have our work cut out for us, but we came all this way and the object of the game is to win. We are trying not to be satisfied with just showing up and getting a nice hat and leaving town. Our players will work hard and make our university proud.

On initial thoughts of Fort Wayne and the Coliseum...
It has been great. It has been first class. I have a little history with Fort Wayne. The hotel, hosts, the people and the arena are what we have dealt with so far. But the building, I haven't seen the building completely done since the roof raising. It's turned out outstanding. It's a great arena, always has been. It feels like a brand new rink. I think it will be great. Get some people packed into here and make it a great Regional.

On why people in the community should come watch the Regional tournament...
If you're fans of hockey of any level, you're going to enjoy it. You're going to see a lot of kids out there this weekend that will be playing in the IHL someday. There is an awful lot of talent. The pace of play is good. The kids finish their checks. It's an exciting brand of hockey because they get after it. That's the one thing about college hockey is that the schedule is not as long, so every game is really important. There is a lot of energy. Every game is like a playoff game all year and I'm sure that will be heightened here. If you're a hockey fan and do not enjoy college hockey, then you're probably not a hockey fan.

On the concerns of Miami...
Other than their goaltender, their defense, their forwards, their power play, their scoring and their talent level, not a whole lot. There is nothing missing on their team. You don't stay one or two all year long and return a lot of guys from a team that was seconds away from winning a national championship last year. Rico does a great job with them. They are a complete hockey team and are fun to watch. If we weren't playing them tomorrow, it would have been a great week to watch some video (on them). When they are on, I try and DVR the games and catch them later on in the week. They are a tremendous hockey team. For us, that being said, we concern ourselves with how we play and what we can take care of. I think that's the way we are going to have to approach it. We are going to play Charger hockey and get after it, and be confident in that way. With Cam kicking back there, we will see what happens.



On change of style since its one game...
No we don't. We are going to play the way we play. I believe in that and we do it for a reason, it gives us the best chance to win. We do some things aggressively and some things more on the passive side. But it's a good mix for our guys. You have to do what you do well. If you can't do the stuff you want to do all the time well, you're probably not going to win any of them.

Cameron Talbot

On feeling the pressure for this game...
I don't think there is any pressure. I just go out there keep doing what I am doing, and give these guys the best chance to win. I know they are going to come out in front of me and play Charger style of hockey and play great defense, which they have done all year. So we are going to come out and play Charger style of hockey, and hopefully have a great game.

Davide Nicoletti

On whether or not he thought they would make the tournament again...
I don't know. It's definitely a thrill. All the juniors were gone from my freshmen year coming into this tournament. Now it's more about business and succeeding and playing well as a team to prove a point. Overall, we just want everyone to calm our jitters.

On sharing information with teammates of tournament...
We just share our experience from our freshman year with all the hype and the media and excitement. Once that is out of your system and playing in a bigger rink, we just talk to the freshmen and settled everyone down and get everyone prepared for Miami.

On playing for school after tragedy...
I think so. That's great thing about college hockey. You are playing for the guys on the team, but also representing a college and the students and faculty. Any way we can bring a positive aspect to our school during a tragic time was a great feeling.

Ryan Burkholder

On defensive philosophy...
We have a bunch of guys at the back end that are willing to block shots. Vince Karooney is always willing to get his body in front of pucks. He's always banged because of it. Brian Barker is an unbelievable shot blocker. We have a lot of selfless guys who are willing to put their bodies on the line for the win. That's what made us so successful all year.

On what it's like playing at the highest level...
It's been a great experience and we have a great opportunity to move on. It's a one win and move on format. There is a lot of opportunity to be had here and taken advantage of. That's where most of the excitement comes from for us.

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