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    May 25, 2006

    The Irish autograph posters that will be distributed at the NCAA Yes Clinic on Saturday.

    Notre Dame players Katie Killeen, Lena Zentgraf and Brittany Fox sign autographs to close the evening at Agganis Arena.

    Meghan deMello arrives for practice at Boston University Thursday afternoon.

    Kelly Gaudreau (20) and Annemarie McGrath head to the locker room for the team's first practice at Boston University's Nickerson Field.

    Irish players (from left to right) Crysti Foote, Caitlin McKinney, Kerry Van Shura and Carol Dixon wait to get on the field for Notre Dame's scheduled practice time.

    Lauren deMello (15) and Kaki Orr (31) lead the Irish in sprints during practice.

    The Irish break after a brisk practice prior to Friday's semifinal game against Dartmouth.

    Nickerson Field on the campus of Boston University.

    The scoreboard at Nickerson Field in Boston welcomes the Division I women's lacrosse championships four participants - Duke, Northwestern, Notre Dame and Dartmouth.

    The Notre Dame women's lacrosse team poses for a team photo on the NCAA logo at Nickerson Field.

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