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Nov. 5, 1997

Women's Soccer Game Recaps

#2 Notre Dame 7, St. John's 0
August 29, Notre Dame, Ind.
Seven different players scored for the Irish who improved to 9-1 in season openers. Freshman Monica Gonzalez came off the bench to chip in a goal and two assists.

Scoring: ND Shannon Boxx (unassisted) 8:13, ND Monica Gonzalez (Sobrero, Boxx) 30:13, ND Jenny Heft (Streiffer, Gonzalez) 44:47, ND Meotis Erikson (Sobrero) 58:17, ND Jenny Streiffer (Gonzalez) 64:32, ND Anne Makinen (Grubb, Sobrero) 69:47, ND Jean McGregor (Lancaster, Hinostro) 89:04.
Shots: ND 41-2. Corners: ND 15-0. Saves: SJ 13-0. Fouls: SJ 9-6.

#2 Notre Dame 6, Michigan State 0
August 31, Notre Dame, Ind.
After Notre Dame could find the net just once in its first 20 shots, the Irish scored three times in a six-minute span to break the game. Shannon Boxx and Jenny Heft each scored a pair of goals in the win.

Scoring: ND Jenny Streiffer (unassisted) 18:59, ND Anne Makinen (unassisted) 41:40, ND Shannon Boxx (Streiffer, Manthei) 44:04, ND Jenny Heft (Manthei, Sobrero) 47:06, ND Jenny Heft (Makinen, Manthei) 58:22, ND Shannon Boxx (Sobrero, Lindsey) 63:03.
Shots: ND 44-2. Corners: ND 13-0. Saves: MSU 17-1. Fouls: MSU 14-3.

#2 Notre Dame 3, Washington 1
September 5, Seattle, Wash.
Notre Dame won its first road game of the season in its first-ever trip to Washington thanks to Holly Manthei's game-winning header just before halftime. The Irish defense held the Huskies to just three second-half shots to insure the win.

Scoring: ND Jenny Streiffer (Boxx, Erikson) 10:43, UW Jana Wilson (Campbell) 30:00, ND Holly Manthei (Gonzalez, Streiffer) 42:56, ND Jenny Heft (Manthei) 70:10.
Shots: ND 28-11. Corners: ND 13-2. Saves: UW 6-2. Fouls: UW 18-11.

#2 Notre Dame 1, #3 Portland 0
September 7, Portland, Ore.
Notre Dame won for the third time in three trips to Merlo Field in front of a sellout crowd of 5,041 fans as Monica Gerardo headed in a cross from the left side from Jenny Streiffer. The win ended Portland's 42-game regular season unbeaten streak, and was the fifth straight Irish win over the Pilots.

Scoring: ND Monica Gerardo (Streiffer, Sobrero) 52:09.
Shots: ND 22-3. Corners: ND 10-1. Saves: UP 11-2. Fouls: UP 7-6.

#2 Notre Dame 5, Pittsburgh 0
September 12, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Jenny Heft scored twice in the first 25 minutes as the Irish held the Panthers to just two early shots for the shutout on the artificial turf at Pitt Stadium. Shannon Boxx assisted on the first three goals for the Notre Dame.

Scoring: ND Jenny Heft (Boxx, Gonzalez) 12:46, ND Jenny Heft (Erikson, Boxx) 24:28, ND Meotis Erikson (Boxx, Maund) 35:15, ND Monica Gerardo (Brown) 46:23, ND Jen Grubb (unassisted) 56:18.
Shots: ND 38-2. Corners: ND 13-0. Saves: UP 15-2. Fouls: 5-5.

#2 Notre Dame 3, West Virginia 0
September 14, Morgantown, W.V.
In its first trip to Morgantown, Notre Dame's defense held West Virginia to just one shot in the contest as Shannon Boxx scored the only goal the Irish would need midway through the first half.

Scoring: ND Shannon Boxx (Streiffer) 17:38, ND Jenny Streiffer (unassisted) 54:16, ND Jenny Heft (Gerardo, Streiffer) 84:23.
Shots: ND 30-1. Corners: ND 12-0. Saves: WVU 12-1. Fouls: WVU 12-5.

#1 North Carolina 2, #2 Notre Dame 3
September 19, Notre Dame, Ind.
A record sellout crowd of 3,300 saw the Irish-Tar Heel rivalry take yet another bizarre twist when lightning halted the game at 71:16 in North Carolina's first-ever trip to Notre Dame which ended in Notre Dame's first-ever tie at Alumni Field. The teams played as evenly as the score with each team taking 11 shots.

Scoring: ND Anne Makinen (unassisted) 22:28, UNC Raven McDonald (Parlow) 52:15, UNC Robin Confer (Parlow) 62:38, ND Jenny Heft (Makinen, Streiffer) 68:10.
Shots: 11-11. Corners: ND 4-3. Saves: ND 6-4. Fouls: UNC 15-12.

#2 Notre Dame 5, #5 Duke 0
September 21, Notre Dame, Ind.
Two goals each by freshmen Anne Makinen and Monica Gonzalez sent Notre Dame to its fourth win in the last five games against Duke as the Irish unbeaten streak against the Blue Devils was extended to five games. Notre Dame held Duke without a shot until 73:54 for its sixth shutout of the season.

Scoring: ND Monica Gonzalez (Streiffer, Erikson) 35:38, ND Monica Gonzalez (Streiffer, Manthei) 44:30, ND Anne Makinen (unassisted) 64:02, ND Jenny Streiffer (unassisted) 70:24, ND Anne Makinen (unassisted) 72:42.
Shots: ND 26-3. Corners: ND 13-1. Saves: DU 8-1. Fouls: ND 8-4.

#2 Notre Dame 7, Rutgers 1
September 26, Piscataway, N.J.
Anne Makinen scored her first career hat trick and Jenny Heft and Holly Manthei each scored a goal and had two assists as the Irish rolled to a 7-1 win over Rutgers. Notre Dame scored three times in the final seven minutes of the first half to break open a 2-1 game.

Scoring: ND Jenny Heft (Manthei) 12:53, ND Holly Manthei (unassisted) 26:13, RU Shannon Nagle (Wawrzyniak) 35:10, ND Meotis Erikson (Manthei, Boxx) 38:20, ND Anne Makinen (Boxx, Lindsey) 41:19, ND Anne Makinen (Heft) 44:47, ND Monica Gerardo (Heft) 52:48, ND Anne Makinen (Boxx) 54:03.
Shots: ND 26-3. Corners: ND 13-1. Saves: DU 8-1. Fouls: ND 8-4.

#2 Notre Dame 4, Villanova 0
September 28, Villanova, Pa.
Holly Manthei dished off four assists to three freshmen as the Irish blanked Villanova 4-0. Meotis Erikson scored the first and fourth goals as the Irish held the Wildcats without a shot in the second half.

Scoring: ND Meotis Erikson (Gerardo, Manthei) 31:27, ND Monica Gonzalez (Boxx, Manthei) 42:09, ND Anne Makinen (Manthei, Brown) 44:13, ND Meotis Erikson (Manthei) 87:50.
Shots: ND 31-2. Corners: ND 15-3. Saves: VU 12-1. Fouls: VU 17-12.

#2 Notre Dame 8, Indiana 0
September 30, Bloomington, Ind.
In a rematch of the 1996 NCAA first round, seven different players scored as the Irish scored four goals in each half of an 8-0 win at Indiana. Notre Dame's defense held the Hoosiers to just four shots and penetrated Indiana offensively with five assists coming from the back.

Scoring: ND Jenny Heft (Manthei, Sobrero) 7:55, ND Anne Makinen (Sobrero, Grubb) 14:10, ND Shannon Boxx (Makinen, Grubb) 24:06, ND Meotis Erikson (Streiffer, Gonzalez) 43:27, ND Jenny Streiffer (Makinen, Brown) 66:04, ND Holly Manthei (Gerardo) 73:37, ND Meotis Erikson (Grubb) 81:12, ND Monica Gonzalez (Maund) 83:49.
Shots: ND 30-4. Corners: ND 8-1. Saves: IU 8-1. Fouls: ND 10-8.1997 Notre Dame Women's Soccer Game Reviews

#2 Notre Dame 2, Boston College 0
October 5, Notre Dame, Ind.
Notre Dame scored once in each half and held off a defensive effort by Boston College for a 2-0 shutout. The Irish held the Eagles without a shot while taking 25 in the only home game for Notre Dame in a 32-day span.

Scoring: ND Shannon Boxx (Streiffer, Erikson) 31:45, ND Meotis Erikson (Lindsey, Manthei) 48:19.
Shots: ND 25-0. Corners: ND 10-0. Saves: BC 7-0. Fouls: BC 18-9.

#2 Notre Dame 9, Georgetown 0
October 11, Washington, D.C.
Jenny Streiffer matched Monica Gerardo's school record for most goals in a game with goals against Georgetown. She took the first three shots of the game, scoring on two of them. LaKeysia Beene posted her 10th shutout of the season and sixth in BIG EAST games, matching a BIG EAST Conference single-season record. The Irish held the Hoyas without a shot until 3:18 left in the game.

Scoring: ND Jenny Streiffer (Brown, Grubb) 13:14, ND Jenny Streiffer (Lindsey, Manthei) 14:34, ND Monica Gerardo (Manthei) 20:22, ND Anne Makinen (Boxx, Gonzalez) 24:20, ND Shannon Boxx (Manthei) 48:53, ND Jenny Streiffer (Manthei) 58:49, ND Jenny Streiffer (unassisted) 59:16, ND Anne Makinen (Lindsey) 62:20, ND Meotis Erikson (Maund) 82:49.
Shots: ND 40-1. Corners: ND 13-5. Saves: GU 13-1. Fouls: ND 11-7.

#2 Notre Dame 10, Wisconsin 0
October 14, Madison, Wis.
Eight different players scored 10 goals as Notre Dame handed Wisconsin its worst loss in school history. The Irish jumped out to a 7-0 lead at halftime as seven players scored in the first half. Jen Grubb tied a school record for assists in a half with her four first half assists.

Scoring: ND Shannon Boxx (Grubb) 5:43, ND Jenny Heft (Makinen) 8:28, ND Jenny Streiffer (Grubb) 9:53, ND Kate Sobrero (Grubb) 18:49, ND Iris Lancaster (Erikson) 34:33, ND Monica Gonzalez (Boxx, Grubb) 40:04, ND Meotis Erikson (Manthei) 44:24, ND Jenny Streiffer (Brown, Boxx) 51:28, ND Jen Grubb (Manthei) 59:25, ND Monica Gonzalez (McGregor) 81:11.
Shots: ND 26-1. Corners: ND 5-0. Saves: UW 11-1. Fouls: UW 13-7.

#2 Notre Dame 8, Syracuse 0
October 19, Syracuse, N.Y.
Notre Dame scored twice in the first 3:39, its two fastest goals of the season in its way to an 8-0 win in the first-ever meeting with Syracuse. Meotis Erikson recorded her first career hat trick and defender Kelly Lindsey scored her first career goal to lead the Irish. LaKeysia Beene set the BIG EAST single-season shutout record with her seventh conference shutout of the year.

Scoring: ND Jenny Heft (Streiffer, Grubb) 0:54, ND Meotis Erikson (Gerardo, Boxx) 3:39, ND Meotis Erikson (Streiffer, Grubb) 12:42, ND Shannon Boxx (Manthei) 37:03, ND Kelly Lindsey (Erikson) 64:50, ND Jenny Heft (Boxx, Lindsey) 70:10, ND Meotis Erikson (Brown) 72:30, ND Monica Gonzalez (Heft, Vanderberg) 89:07.
Shots: ND 25-4. Corners: ND 7-2. Saves: SU 9-4. Fouls: ND 11-6.

#2 Notre Dame 7, Seton Hall 1
October 24, Notre Dame, Ind.
Freshman Meotis Erikson scored on her first two shots to give Notre Dame an early 2-0 lead in the first nine minutes and added a second-half goal and two assists for an eight-point performance. Holly Manthei had five assists and Jenny Streiffer had two goals and an assist as the Irish handed Seton Hall its first BIG EAST loss.

Scoring: ND Meotis Erikson (unassisted) 4:30, ND Meotis Erikson (Streiffer, Manthei) 9:09, ND Jenny Streiffer (Erikson) 22:27, ND Jenny Streiffer (Manthei, Makinen) 48:46, SHU Kelly Smith (penalty kick) 56:45, ND Meotis Erikson (Manthei) 60:24, ND Shannon Boxx (Manthei, Erikson) 63:46, ND Anne Makinen (Manthei) 74:03.
Shots: ND 38-3. Corners: ND 16-0. Saves: SHU 8-1. Fouls: SHU 10-8.

#2 Notre Dame 1, #5 Connecticut 0
October 26, Notre Dame, Ind.
Meotis Erikson matched a Notre Dame record by scoring in her ninth consecutive game to lead the Irish to a 1-0 win over Connecticut and their second consecutive BIG EAST regular-season title. Erikson converted on a cross by Kelly Lindsey that skipped out of the hands of the goalkeeper's hands and landed in front of the open net from five yards. Notre Dame handed Connecticut its first regular-season shutout since 1994.

Scoring: ND Meotis Erikson (Lindsey, Makinen) 15:29.
Shots: ND 13-7. Corners: ND 4-2. Saves: 3-3. Fouls: ND 20-16.

#2 Notre Dame 5, #12 Michigan 0
October 31, Notre Dame, Ind.
Jenny Heft scored two goals as Notre Dame's defense held Michigan to just one shot in handing the Wolverines their first shutout loss of the season. Leading 1-0 at halftime, the Irish blitzed Michigan with 11 shots in first 10 minutes of the second half, scoring three goals in a five-minute span. Notre Dame matched its season high for shots with 44.

Scoring: ND Jenny Heft (Boxx, Streiffer) 23:16, ND Anne Makinen (penalty kick) 50:08, ND Monica Gerardo (Erikson) 52:13, ND Jenny Heft (Gerardo, Manthei) 55:13, ND Kara Brown () 68:48.
Shots: ND 44-1. Corners: ND 12-0. Saves: UM 17-1. Fouls: UM 13-10.

#2 Notre Dame 7, Providence 0
November 2, Notre Dame, Ind.
Jenny Heft and Jenny Streiffer came off the bench to score two goals and record one assist each to lead the Irish to seven first-half goals on their way to a 7-0 win. Notre Dame scored on three consecutive shots and scored four goals on five shots in a 3:22 span in the first half to break the game open.

Scoring: ND Anne Makinen (unassisted) 2:39, ND Kate Sobrero (Makinen, Boxx) 9:23, ND Jenny Streiffer (Manthei, Maund) 22:11, ND Julie Maund (penalty kick) 23:26, ND Jenny Streiffer (Makinen, Heft) 24:33, ND Jenny Heft (unassisted) 25:33, ND Jenny Heft (Lancaster, Streiffer) 42:14.
Shots: ND 40-3. Corners: ND 10-0. Saves: PC 14-0. Fouls: PC 9-5

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