Women's Soccer


Nov. 16, 1997

Cincinnati (16-5-3) at #2 Notre Dame (21-0-1)

ND starters: GK: LaKeysia Beene. D: Jen Grubb, Kelly Lindsey, Kate Sobrero. MF: Shannon Boxx, Anne Makinen, Holly Manthei, Kara Brown. F: Meotis Erikson, Monica Gerardo, Jenny Streiffer.

UC starters: GK: Christy Hoffman. D: Krystin Flanagan, Tracy Pohl. MF: Lauren Clark, Jenny Antrobus, Brooke Thomas. F: Lauren Galea, Tina Matlock, Amy Rodehaffer, Suzanne Paulette, Beth Paderi.

Time   ND  UC  Score
0:00    ND kicks off and defends north goal
2:29    ND shot:  Gerardo volley from five yards, wide right
3:55        UC goal:  Matlock breakaway from Paulette pass from right side just past midfield over 
                      Irish back line  UC, 1-0
4:50    ND shot:  Boxx from eight yards, save Hoffman
8:10    ND corner kick
8:13    ND shot:  Grubb header from five yards, off the crossbar
14:27   ND goal:  Gerardo volleys pass from Brown from inside box   1-1
16:25   ND shot:  Sobrero from seven yards, left wing, save Hoffman
17:15   ND shot:  Makinen from five yards, right wing, off the post
17:43   ND shot:  Streiffer from 23 yards, wide right
18:10   ND shot:  Sobrero from 25 yards, wide left
19:16   ND shot:  Erikson from 10 yards, left wing, save Hoffman
21:49   ND shot:  Boxx from 23 yards, deflected over and off the crossbar by Hoffman
22:10   ND sub:  Heft for Gerardo
22:39   ND corner kick
22:42   ND shot:  Makinen from 20 yards, wide left
22:47       UC sub:  Burke for Antrobus
23:20   ND corner kick
24:00   ND shot:  Heft from 18 yards, wide right
25:28       UC shot:  Pohl free kick from 30 yards, save Beene
28:31   ND goal:  Boxx volleys pass from Makinen volley inside box left side from Brown cross from 
                  right endline    ND, 2-1
29:48   ND shot:  Makinen volley from 10 yards, save Hoffman
30:19       UC sub:  Eaton for Clark
31:45   ND shot:  Erikson from 20 yards, save Hoffman
33:06   ND shot:  Streiffer from 12 yards, left wing, wide left
33:15       UC sub:  Ogden for Thomas
36:16   ND goal:  Lindsey dribbles in from midfield, through Cincinnati defense ND, 3-1
36:20       UC sub:  Day for Galea
36:59   ND shot:  Makinen volley from 23 yards, over the crossbar
38:37   ND shot:  Heft from 15 yards, over the crossbar
44:44   ND goal:  Makinen one-times failed clear from 15 yards  ND, 4-1 
Time    ND  UC  Score
45:00       UC kicks off and defends north goal
46:05       UC shot:  Clark from 25 yards, save Beene
47:08   ND goal:  Erikson from 10 yards left wing from pass from Gerardo that splits the defense    
                  ND, 5-1
50:50       UC sub:  Rodeheffer for Clark
54:00   ND goal:  Gerardo one-times pass from Streiffer from in front of the net from Erikson 
                  on right wing ND, 6-1
56:20   ND shot:  Grubb free kick from 30 yards, save Hoffman
57:35       UC sub:  Eaton for Paulette
58:38   ND sub:  Heft and Gonzalez for Streiffer and Erikson
60:03       UC sub:  Thomas for Ogden
60:57   ND shot:  Heft from seven yards, wide left
61:53   ND shot:  Gonzalez header from five yards, save Hoffman
65:13   ND shot:  Gonzalez from 16 yards, right wing, save Hoffman
65:52   ND corner kick
65:58   ND shot:  Makinen from 20 yards, save Hoffman
66:40   ND sub:  Maund and Vanderberg for Boxx and Brown
66:45       UC sub:  Paulette for Galea
67:00   ND corner kick
67:28   ND shot:  Gonzalez from 18 yards, save Hoffman
68:16   ND shot:  Heft from 10 yards, left wing, wide right
68:30       UC sub:  Bennett, Wilson,  and V. Antrobus for Hoffman, Burke, and J. Antrobus
69:43   ND shot:  Grubb from 30 yards, wide left
73:27   ND goal:  Gerardo from right wing from 10 yards, Maund chips to unmarked Gerardo 
                  from midfield over defense ND, 7-1
73:27   ND sub:  Lancaster, Danielson, and McGregor for Makinen, Gerardo, and Manthei
75:13   ND shot:  Danielson from 13 yards, save Bennett
75:20       UC sub:  Day for Matlock
75:44   ND corner kick
79:36   ND corner kick
79:42   ND shot:  Grubb from 20 yards, over the crossbar
79:48       UC sub:  Clark for Rodeheffer
80:11   ND shot:  Gonzalez from 10 yards, save Bennett
80:47   ND shot:  Maund from five yards, wide left
80:52       UC sub:  Galea for V. Antrobus
82:58   ND shot:  Gonzalez header from 5 yards, save Bennett
83:40   ND shot:  McGregor from 16 yards, save Bennett
83:42   ND shot:  Heft off the rebound, save Bennett
85:05   ND shot:  Maund from seven yards, wide right
89:48   ND shot:  Heft from seven yards, save Bennett
FINAL SCORE:  NOTRE DAME 7, Cincinnati 1

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