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    Aug. 30, 1997

    Match Quotes


    Head Coach John Cook
    On the tournament-- "Notre Dame ran a great tournament. It was a nice event and I enjoyed being here. "I would like to comeback and compete in it again."

    On Colleen Neels -- "I was happy for her. Colleen is a first year setter as a junior, and it was good to see her get recognized by the coaches."

    On Amy Lee -- "Amy is the key to our team. We need her to play well in order for us to win. On our team, she's the "woman".

    On Jennifer Maastricht -- She was a big surprise (all-tournament pick), considering that I didn't vote for her and she doesn't play in the back row. I was going to redshirt her, but then our middle blocker went down with an injury."

    On Notre Dame -- "This is a nice team to watch. I have great expectations for this team. It is well-balanced and athletic. The key to this team is going to be their setter."


    Senior hitter Angie Harris
    On the tournament -- "It was tough playing tonight, because we had played a five-game match earlier. We played well early on, but we started getting tired in the third game."

    On the team -- "We will learn from this loss, and get better."

    Senior hitter Jaime Lee
    On the team -- "This was the first time I had seen the team play, and I thought that we played really well together. After we iron out a couple of items, things will be fine."

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