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    Irish Cheerleaders

    2013-14 Cheerleading Squad

    The cheerleading program at the University of Notre Dame is a non-competitive sport consisting of two squads that cheer for the following teams:

    • Men's and Women's Soccer
    • Volleyball
    • Men's and Women's Basketball
    • Football

    Each squad has six couples. Both squads travel for their respective teams as they engage in tournaments. Cheerleaders travel for every away football game and if invited, to a bowl game.

    There are no scholarships for cheerleading. However, after three years of participation (as it is with varsity athletes) a monogram is awarded.

    The cheerleading program is funded by the Department of Athletics, with adidas as a corporate sponsor.

    In the fall, practice is four nights a week to prepare for games on friday, saturday and sunday. The four nightly practices continue during the second semester, unless appearances are scheduled for basketball games.

    Tryouts are held in early April following the execution of 8-10 clinics. Scoring is determined by proficiency in stunting (which is taught), a rendition of the Notre Dame Victory March, overall cheering, cadence a dance and a tumbling pass. While most of the ladies arrive with experience, few of the men do.

    The freshman year is a crucial one for young people making the transition from high school to college. With that in mind, we encourage the primary focus to be on academics, coupled with the adjustment to the college environment. If one is interested in the cheerleading program, the opportunity is presented in the sophomore year.

    Foremost, cheerleaders are ambassadors of the University of Notre Dame. Community involvement promoting good will is a big factor in this program, not only in the immediate area, but also in those communities visited. Appearances are scheduled on our travels whenever time permits.


    (Front row, left to right): Leprechaun Jack Shadid, Ali Arguelles, Olivia Mitchell, Nicole Madrilejo, Elizabeth Weir, Courtney Krishnan, Sarah Dapper, Molly Mohr, Erin Garfield, Head Coach Jo Minton, Leprechaun Johnny Romano, Maggie O'Brien, Lauren McGrath, Meredith Angell, Alli Jacobs, Alex Westby, Mary Katheryn Snyder, Rachael Biscocho, Farah Tahmassebi, Leprechaun Lou Ganser, Assistant Coach Brian Egendoerfer.

    (Back row, left to right): Assistant Coach Heidi Barker, Tom Bender, Ryan Lopez, Ethan Montemayor, Dennis Coulter, Bobby Fischer, Kevin Blonien, Bryan Doane, Isaac Evans, Patrick Rauh, Nick Lupica, Nick Williams, Mike Favia, Brandon West, Chris Genco, Patrick Walsh, Rafael Rivera, Assistant Coach Zach Brown.

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