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Driving Directions to the Campus by Automobile

From the north: The university is located just south of the Indiana Toll road (Interstate 80/90). Exit Interstate 80/90 at exit 77 and turn right onto Michigan (Indiana 933). Make a left at the 4th stop light (Angela Boulevard). Make a left at the first stop light (Notre Dame Avenue). Visitor Parking is located on the right side of Notre Dame Ave about about 200 yards from Angela.

From the south: Take US 31 north which becomes Indiana 933 just south of South Bend. Stay on Indiana 933 to Angela Boulevard which is the second stop light north of the St. Joseph River. Turn right onto Angela Boulevard then left at the first stop light onto Notre Dame Avenue. Visitor Parking is located on the right side of Notre Dame Ave about 200 yards from Angela.

From O'Hare Airport
Take Route 190 east out of O'Hare to Route 90 east (Kennedy Expressway) toward downtown Chicago. Merges with Route 94 south (Dan Ryan Expressway). Take Skyway exit off the Dan Ryan and remain on Route 90 to Indiana Toll Road. Eventually merges with Route 80. Use Exit 77 (South Bend/Notre Dame).

An alternative route: Take Route 190 east out of O'Hare to Interstate 294 south (Tri-State Tollway) and follow the signs for 80/294 and then Interstate 80-90 (Indiana Toll Road). Use Exit 77 (South Bend/Notre Dame).

From Indiana Toll Road
Use Exit 77 (South Bend/Notre Dame). Turn left (north) onto SR 933/Bus.31. Go north and at the third traffic light (Cleveland Road), turn right (east). At the first traffic light (Juniper Road) turn right, south on Juniper Road. Public Parking is just past the bridge. Please follow directions of traffic control personnel as you approach the campus area.

From Indianapolis
Follow U.S. 31 North. That becomes SR 933/Bus.31 just south of South Bend. Proceed through South Bend and continue north. DO NOT turn on Angela Boulevard but proceed north (past Notre Dame and the Toll Road entrance) and to Cleveland Road, turn right (east). At the first traffic light (Juniper Road) turn right, south on Juniper Road. Public Parking is just past the bridge. Please follow directions of traffic control personnel as you approach the campus area.

Parking at Notre Dame

A. Parking in any roadway, driveway, sidewalk, grass area or any paved or unpaved area not specifically marked as a parking area is prohibited.
B. Parking on campus without displaying a proper pass is prohibited.
C. Parking over yellow lines or in no parking zones; blocking vehicles, traffic, trash receptacles or loading zones/docks is prohibited.
D. Parking in Handicapped space is restricted to special decal or state issued permit.
E. Parking is reserved in all spaces at the rear of the Main Building. Parking at the Post Office is 15 minutes and at the Library Circle it is 30 minutes. All campus time zone spaces are enforced 24 hours every day. Time restrictions for vehicles apply to all spaces within the time zone area during a four-hour period.
F. Decals must be properly displayed. Don't tape or temporarily affix the decal - use all the adhesive of the decal. Hang tags are not authorized for students.
G. Guests, including parents, must obtain a guest pass. Passes are available at either gate or from Security/Parking.
H. Vehicles must maintain proper registration and be maintained in running condition. Storage of vehicles is not permitted in lots. Check on vehicles frequently.
I. Saint Mary's faculty/staff may park at Notre Dame under the same guidelines as those with "B" decals. Parking for Saint Mary's students (with proper registration) Monday through Friday until 5 p.m. is in lot C1. On weekdays after 5 p.m. and on weekends, parking is also available in any "B" lot.
J. Overnight RV parking is prohibited. RV's are not permitted on central campus.
K. Motorcycles are prohibited on central campus.

Registered vehicles will be assigned to specific parking areas. If lots are overcrowded, contact Security/Parking for information, don't park improperly.

White Field South is a recreational area north of D2 and may not be used by students for parking on football home games. Students may use White Field north of Douglas Road on days of home football games.

Students may only register vehicles belonging to them or their immediate families. Exceptions must be approved by Security. Refer to the vehicle registration form or contact Security for more information.

Handicapped spaces are provided at various locations; contact Security/Parking for more information.

Permission must be obtained before driving on campus. For students, gate officers may grant special permission for up to 60 minutes for entry to campus. Such permission is for loading or unloading but not for parking on campus. Student vehicles entering campus must obtain and display a valid special pass at all times. Staying overtime on campus will result in a fine.

Special permission requiring more than 60 minutes should be obtained well in advance from the director of Security.

Parking is prohibited in the following areas:
A. Faculty/staff/visitor lots from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays and any spaces/lots reserved by sign. Rules are enforced on student holidays.
B. Morris Inn, University Club lot and Post Office rear lot.
C. St. Joseph Hall and Moreau Seminary lots.
D. Administrative lot north of the Morris Inn and north of the Main Building.
E. Our Lady of Fatima Retreat House.
F. WNDU lots.
G. Faculty Circle north of Stadium and west of Juniper Road.
H. Galvin Life Science lot.
I. Joyce Center reserved spaces and lot behind the building.
J. Fire or traffic lanes, any paved or non-paved areas of campus that are not clearly designated as parking areas.
K. Saint Mary's College prohibits student vehicles parking in the Convent area, which includes the entire southwestern portion of campus area. Signs clearly mark this area. Parking is also prohibited adjacent to residence halls at Saint Mary's College except when vehicle is being loaded/unloaded. Contact Saint Mary's Security Office at 284-5000 when parking a vehicle to load or unload or for additional information about parking at Saint Mary's College.
L. Spaces marked by signs as faculty/staff are reserved spaces in all lots at all times.
M. Special passes are required to park in any central campus lot.

Parking is prohibited after 6 a.m. on Saturdays of home football games without special football parking pass in Lot C1, C5, Gold Lot, B3 (Joyce Center), B1, E1 (Visitor), B2 South (old Aerospace lot), B2 (Loftus), south half of B2/C2, University Club, Bookstore Lot, Library Circle, parking areas on Moose Krause Circle and the short term parking areas east of the Post Office and west of the Hesburgh Center. Student vehicles may be moved on Fridays to D2. Student Parking is prohibited in B16. Faculty and Staff may move to the north half of B2/C2 (Library) or B16 as space permits. Vehicles left in the above listed lots will be towed at owner's expense beginning at 6 a.m. Three and one half hours prior to kick off and one hour after the game ends, special traffic restrictions are imposed on roads near campus by University, local and state police. Regular faculty/staff and student parking assignments are not available. Please follow directions of police. Most roads leading to campus become one-way and motorists must follow directions of police officers. Access to campus lots is restricted to a special pass during one-way traffic pattern. Motorcycles and large trucks are prohibited in all lots on game day. RV parking on game day is allowed only from 7:45 a.m. to three hours after the game.

Effective January 1 through March 15 special guidelines are in effect for parking in any faculty/staff lot. All vehicles are to be removed from faculty/staff parking lots before midnight each night except the B2/C2 lot where vehicles must be moved by 2:30 a.m. Vehicles left in faculty/staff lots will be towed at owner's expense to another University parking area. Vehicles will also be towed from all roadways, sidewalks, loading zones, time zones and traffic circles.

Student parking lots will be plowed when passage becomes difficult or hazardous and the faculty/staff lots are cleared. Normally this would occur 36 to 48 hours after a significant snowfall. Major snowstorms will delay this process.

Once Resident Assistants receive notice to move student vehicles so a specific lot may be plowed, students will have until the designated time given in the notice to move their vehicle to a specified area. All vehicles must be removed from the designated temporary lot within 24 hours or whenever normal assigned lots are clear, whichever comes first.

In lot D2 north and south, spaces at the east end of the lot are closed to parking for snow removal. Vehicles parked in these spaces may be towed at the owner's expense. Shovels will be available at Landscape Services and Security for those who can not wait for lots to be cleared. Owners of vehicles that are plowed in should contact Landscape Services for assistance.

A. Everyone is expected to comply with Indiana law regarding the safe and lawful operation of a motor vehicle. The motor vehicle code is enforced on campus.
B. Access to the central campus is via the Main Gate and the East Gate and then only with permission. Access via any other gates or by sidewalks, etc., is prohibited unless specific permission has been granted.
C. Speed limits on campus are 20 miles per hour. Limits on roadways adjacent to campus are posted.
D. Indiana law requires seatbelt use. Buckle up for safety!

Vehicles may be towed away or immobilized at the owner's expense for the following reasons with no liability by the University:
A. Parking on roadways, sidewalks, grass areas, driveways or fire lanes.
B. Any vehicle owned or operated by a person against whose vehicle(s) four citations have been issued.
C. Any vehicle not displaying proper parking decal or in unauthorized areas.
D. Any vehicle parked in violation of Special Football Parking Restrictions or snow removal guidelines.
E. Any vehicle blocking trash receptacles or loading areas.
F. Any vehicle parked in handicapped spaces without designated permit.
G. Any abandoned or junk vehicles. (Refer to Indiana Laws.)
H. Any reserved space or area.

Note that the towing company charges a daily storage fee in addition to a fee for towing.

The first parking citation is generally considered a warning and no fine is assessed. University parking citations must be paid or appealed at the Parking Office, Campus Security Building, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays. Payments or appeals must be filed within 10 days of occurrence. Unpaid student fines will be placed on the student's account. All faculty and staff members must pay fines or file appeals within the same prescribed time periods. No decal will be issued to faculty or staff with unpaid fines. Payroll deduction is available for those desiring such arrangements.

Cards used to access various lots on campus are issued by parking services to authorized faculty, staff and selected graduate students. Cards are not transferable and may only be used by the person to whom it was issued. A substantial fee is charged for replacement of lost or stolen cards.

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